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    18 September - The longest lucid so far

    by , 09-19-2021 at 11:01 PM (1089 Views)
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    A considerably shortened version, it was 20-30 minutes dream

    A very nice non-lucid in the 4th cycle, very light and mostly conscious sleep afterward. After an hour, I feel the 5th REM trying to start (vibrations starting and dissipating), but my mind is a bit too awake. I cuddle up with R. A minute later, vibrations again, and I finally relax into them.

    The beginning
    I see grey blurry spots and R is holding me tightly from behind (IRL we are in a spoons position, with his arm over me). I can barely move. Am I dreaming already? I don't want to risk moving in reality or opening my real eyes, so I close my dream eyes for a moment. But then it feels pretty stable, so I try to free myself. R holds me tighter and won't let go. I have to wrestle with him, and gradually the visuals come in, grey and blurry at first, then clearer and sharper. I throw him to the ground. He's lying under the table, all I can see of him are his legs. I want to unsummon him with a snap of my fingers, but I can't snap, so I just leave the room and forget about him.

    In the hallway, wondering what to do next. I don't expect anything from the dream, I have an unstable sleep in the morning as it is, and if R moves in reality, he'll wake me up.
    TOTY comes to mind first, I don't expect to finish it, but why not try.
    I walk into a larger room where a lot of old people are sitting at tables.
    I call out, "Hey Dream! Superhero time!"
    "Who can tell me what superhero I am?" I ask.
    Two old men raise their hands. I point to one of them. He says something to me, but I don't understand. I lean over to him to repeat it, but I still don't understand. I call out the other. He says something that is more of a feature than a name.
    "It's about the name. I am a superhero. Do you know my name?"
    His eyes light up, he understands, he nods. He doesn't look old anymore, more middle-aged.
    He says four French words.
    Oh. Okay. "Could you repeat it?"
    He repeats it slowly, and I say it after him. Word by word, sometimes he corrects me. We spend about a minute on it. Then I repeat the whole thing. He nods.
    Nice. I start to ask about my powers but realize that's the second task. I ask about the costume and get the answer that it's in a cupboard there.
    The entire wall behind the tables is made up of cabinets with doors, drawers, and compartments. I open a few and find random things, but nothing like a costume.
    I walk out of the room, down a wide corridor, and there I see a toy store. That looks good. And I see a costume rack!
    First on the rack is a burgundy dress with ruffles. Nice, fantasy, but not exactly superhero style. The second is a child's spiderman costume, that's closer, but it's not quite my size.
    The customer who was talking with the saleswoman leaves, and I ask her:
    "I am a superhero. Do you have a costume for me?"
    She nods and hands me a toy wrapped in clear plastic. It's a bee, with a black and blue striped body and red details.
    I'm confused. "Do you want me to use the colours? To have something made in these colours?" She nods.
    Behind her stands a man, thin, stern-looking. He says something like I know there's a message there.
    I walk out of the shop. I unwrap and take apart the toy, nothing.
    But okay. Good enough. I continue out of the building, repeating the French name to myself. I should wake up and write it down, but no... I don't want to... I'll probably wake up soon anyway.

    On my way out
    I walk down the wide staircase, repeating my name to myself. I look around and suddenly I'm confused - where am I? Am I awake? Or still in a dream?
    I do a nose plug RC and it fails. WTF. This again? (It failed for me for the first time 8 days ago.) I look at my hand and I have a sixth finger. That's better.

    After training in a few previous shorter dreams, I'm getting much better at the swimming technique of flying. I take off, below me is a nice park built into a slope, further ahead are some fish ponds and behind me is a city.
    I'm practicing faster flying (I'm still not good at that) and flying upwards, at altitude (slowly, but steadily). For a while, I just float on my back and fool around. Some people in sport suits run by, there's an air-running race going on. Then I try to spin and create a tornado, but I can't get enough speed.

    Underwater exploring
    I remember the goal of underwater exploring and fly into one of the ponds. It's deep enough to put me underwater. But it's extremely muddy, I can barely see anything. There are frogs croaking around. I try to breathe, and I have to remind myself that in a dream, you can breathe underwater. I can, but it's uncomfortable, a bit like inhaling mud. I have to keep reminding myself that it's possible. I don't like it in there, so I fly out. Better to try this in the sea, which has better associations. I sense the sea beyond the city, so I head there.

    Chatting with KD and Vikings
    I end up on some street with street food stands.
    I try to recall the superhero name. Was it Jamon (with ch/[x] sound)? No, thatís ham in Spanish. It was French J. I vaguely remember the rest of the words too but I am not really sure.
    My friend KD is there.
    "Don't you mind that you sleep and dream too much?"He asks.
    "I'm dreaming right now," I reply.
    He voices some more criticism of my supposedly unhealthy lifestyle, but I shrug.
    "Don't you think you've been here too long?"
    For a moment I feel time dilation like I've been here for hours, but my rational self is quickly back and I estimate the time so far at 20-30 minutes.
    There is now a wooden table next to me with a bunch of Vikings drinking beer.
    KD continues, "What about your body, how do you know you're ok, what if you're in a coma?"
    The Vikings are more interesting.
    One of the Vikings is trying to rip a piece of wood from a bench to use as a wooden sword to fight me. I don't know if I want to fight. He has long dark hair and a Viking haircut. I kiss him on the mouth.
    "Is this what you want?" He asks, a little surprised.
    He gets up and walks around the table away, I go with him.

    And I finally wake up.
    Not remembering the name at all.

    Total time IRL between cuddling up with R and waking up - 30 minutes.
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