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    4 August - 1st time flying and TotM

    by , 08-05-2021 at 08:03 PM (597 Views)
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    I was sitting at a table with a guy I liked and I asked him something (in Czech). I realized that I was in an international group and that he wouldn't understand me, but that if it was a dream he would understand me. He asks me some follow-up question, which makes it unclear if he didn't understand or misheard. I answer it in English. He answers in Slovak, which satisfies me - it makes sense that he understood my Czech. I continue talking to him in a mix of Czech and English.

    I used to have some language-induced LDs. These days, similar situations usually end as only semi-lucid (I know that people in my dreams understand everything). This was almost there…

    In another dream, I'm running errands in Prague, walking down a street in the centre, I want to catch a tram. I think about the previous dream - I set an intention for the next night so I don't make the same mistake again. Anyway, it's a pity that I haven't managed to fall asleep again after that dream, otherwise, I would have had a good chance...
    ...How do I know this isn't a dream? It doesn't seem likely to me that it is. But thinking about it, I don't really have any reason to be here...
    RC confirms. Nice.

    I'm in the mood for a different experience today than yesterday. I recall Sageous's thread and the memory exercise. I know I'm not in Prague, and I know I'm sleeping. I recall my birth year. Then the exact date of birth. Easy. Highly lucid, I think, ready for anything
    (not as much as I thought at the time, but it wasn't bad).
    Goals? TotY, TotM, and teleportation training. I tell myself that TotM - asking a DC which part of my subconscious they represent - is easy and a good place to start.

    I turn the corner and approach a woman. I excuse myself and ask her, "Which part of my subconscious do you represent?"
    She looks confused and scared and doesn't know what to answer. She tries to talk her way out of it, so I let her go.

    The city around here isn't much like Prague anymore. It has a vibe somewhere between the multicultural neighborhoods of Western European cities and third-world countries. There are more women around with headscarves. I don't want to ask them in case I scare them. I also notice there are a lot fewer people around than there were at the beginning. I want to go back to the center.

    I tell myself that an experienced LDer would fly, but I still can't fly. Just taking off probably won't work, it's never worked for me. I decide to try high jumping.
    1st jump - I jump higher than I would in reality and the man who passes me looks at me in surprise.
    I bounce again, and I'm even higher, about 2-3m, which still isn't enough, but gravity already has a weird feel.
    I bounce once more, this time bending my legs a lot to bounce, and gravity is already completely broken, like it was in the Defying Gravity dream. I do a half backflip and float in the middle of nothingness, seeing only solid grey above me. As I realize there's no reason for me to land backwards on my hands, I flip forward again and the street reappears in my field of vision. I use swimming motions to orient myself and dive into the air in front of me. I'm flying!
    Occasionally, I'll add a swimming stroke, but my clothes restrict my full range of motion. I'm losing altitude a little, but very slowly. I started at roughly streetlamp level and flew about 200m before I landed on the ground again. Cool!

    I want to give the TotM a second try. There's a small market in a side alley. I approach a group of people, same question as before. They look confused and I notice they're really young, young teenagers. So I explain it to them in more detail.
    "There's a theory," I say, "that all the people in the dreamworld, except for me..." a girl interrupts me: "Why except you?", but someone shushes her.
    "All the people in the dreamworld, except me," I repeat, and continue, "represent a tiny part of my subconscious. And I have an assignment that my mother gave me" (this seems like an ok lie) "to ask some people what part of my subconscious they represent. So what part do you represent?"
    The children seem attentive and understanding. One boy starts to say something but stops after two words and it doesn't make sense. Someone says they don't know. Someone else says something evasive. So I thank them and say ok. It doesn't get any better than that. Done.

    Teleportation. There are lots of doors and lots of walls around, lots of opportunities for different techniques. There's even a box that has doors on 4 sides! But I want to go somewhere farther.

    My lucidity has gone downhill from here. I want to fly more, but I'm carrying strange silver plates. I want to tie them to my waist with a towel so I can fly, and a woman is helping me, but it's not really holding. Then I think about leaving them in this locked chest I have with me, but I find it's full of silver coins with wolf images on them.
    A merchant shows up and offers to trade me silver for gold so I can have a smaller volume of stuff. He's got these dodgy coins, pale greenish-yellow, don't look like high purity. He wants to know if my Witcher coins are genuine, and he wants me to prove myself to him with a Witcher pen. I remember that I lost the pen in the previous dream. The deal is off.

    I wake up.

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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Interesting. After so many LD's, and, it seems, a regularly high level of control plus stability in your dreams, this is the first time you've actually flown. Curious how that happened.
    2. IndigoRose's Avatar
      Yes, it took me a long time

      I had a lot of LDs as a kid and teenager, before I got into inducing (my natural adult frequency would be 2-3 LDs per year).
      So I've had it easy with the stability and similar things - I simply feel comfortable in dreams. But control is new to me and I am slowly learning how it works.

      In some dreams, I got distracted. In some dreams, I focused on something else.
      In this one, I got really close, it included some levitating but not forward flying.
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    3. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      I believe in the idea that every character in a dream can represent a part of my non-conscious mind, though I have to ask, why not yourself in the dream too?

      Certainly while dreaming I have known myself to be "not me" in many senses, while still feeling like "me". For myself, I think that my own entity in the dream is just a character in the same way other characters are, the difference being that I'm primarily seeing, touching and hearing through this avatar that is the dream "me". In addition, from my perspective anyway, typical storytelling (and our life) tends to follow the idea of a protagonist and certain centres of action and interaction.

      I rationalise this further by thinking about how I cannot know directly what it's like to not have consciousness directly bound to one perspective; scenes where I'm seeing a dream having no body to speak of, still happen from a single sensory perspective - that's not to say they have to, but in my case, they always do.

      Anyway, would be curious to hear what you think of this.
    4. IndigoRose's Avatar
      The truth is that I don't really believe the assumption of the task (possibly a reason for not getting any decent answers). On some level, everything in dreams represents something from our subconscious but I don't give it any symbolic meaning.

      I see myself as a god, creator and owner of everything in the dreamworld and I see everything as separate from me (I am the only real thing there, possibly a visitor from a different/real world). It would probably require much higher lucidity to see everything as unreal or everything as me (and I am not really able to fully see it like that even now, fully awake). But I think it is a good question, I should probably think about it in a more flexible way.
      Interestingly, even if I am not fully me in dreams, I usually perceive it as being fully me and as role-playing (but not always). Also, I often think I am more myself in my dreams than in reality because I don't have to play any stupid social games or create specific personas for others. I think that my dream character represents me as I see myself. Which is probably not my true me but a wish-fulfillment thing.
      But I would certainly enjoy dreaming from a completely different perspective, like truly experiencing being someone or something else or being omnipresent.
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    5. IndigoRose's Avatar
      Thinking about it more, I find it interesting how you are echoing that girl from the dream Maybe I got an interesting answer in the end, even though it was a question.
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