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    1. Lucid Dream and Fragment

      by , 02-13-2015 at 10:12 PM
      Before I start this particular journal, I haven't quit again, I was just loaded with so much homework that I couldn't touch my laptop for two weeks. I decided to buckled down and finish off everything, it was especially painful to not record any dreams this week because for some reason I was having a lucid dream every second night. The dreams were really short though and it seemed like I was being kicked out of the dream when I became Lucid. Last night however, I managed to finally stabilise the dream and actually enjoy myself for a little bit. I'm also going to add another colour for semi-lucidity because I got myself into a really weird situation while semi-lucid.


      I was infiltrating a building in hopes to gather some information about an enemy company. I was climbing floor after floor and sneaking past, or killing everyone to progress. I found my way to the top and found a glass container which I opened. I saw the hulk in the contianer and started to run. After a memory gap I was at the bottom floor and Bruce Banner was blocking my exit, there was an explosion and a huge piece of rubble hit him across the head. He began turing into the hulk and I knew I had to get out quickly, I ran up to him and punched him multiple times but he just grabbed me and threw me back. I grabbed ametal rod and hit him with that but it just made him angrier. He threw back his head and screamed and I took the chance to get out. The dream ended there.

      I was at my school and Lucid for no particular reason, I prepared for everything to go blurry and wake me up but I didn't, in fact, everything became crystal clear and I saw a large group of people huddled by some lockers, I walked towards them but they began to disperse and break of into smaller groups, there were alot of people and I decided I would try to summon J. I tried my dream voice out and it seemed slightly muted but it sounded like me for the most part. I called out to J and turned around and she was there, I ran up to her to say hi but she looked disinterested and walked away. I decided to look for some of my other friends and found them at my locker talking. I walked up to I and asked if he wanted to hear something awesome, he said yes and I told him that he was in my lucid dream. He looked amazed and I decided to do something else. I walked back to the large group and looked towards the gates, I decided to summon an army and sure enough, an army of man sized flies flew out from the horizon and landed in the carpark. I ran towards them and decided I wanted to fly, my first jump failed, my second jump was higher than the first, my third jump was low gravity and I put my arms out to fly but came back to earth, I jumped higher than humanly possible and reached the fly-men before I hit the ground. I drop-kicked one of them and jumped again, punching another in the process. There was a memory gap and I found myself in a library giving a presentation on holograms to the fly people, the hologram looked awesome and I was playing around with it before I woke up.

      I'm really happy with that, it was so much fun and I have no clue how I did it when I've been really busy over the past two weeks. I won't be able to do anything over the week now as I'm too busy but I can update my dream journal on the weekend.