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    Class Hike

    by , 01-16-2015 at 02:08 AM (457 Views)
    I feel like my recall improved slightly here but it was still pretty vague. Hopefully it should improve some more before the Sensei's competition begins. I'm really looking forward to the competition as it should hopefully help me become more excited and motivated to have my second LD and hopefully complete some basic tasks. I also have gotten a new, more comfortable matress to replace my old one which was roughly 30 years old. That should help me sleep more comfortably at night so I'm able WBTB more efficiently. Apart from that, nothing else has really been happening so onto the dream!


    I'm in the car with my mother, she's driving me to school and we're chatting about something which I can't recall. We arrive and I get out of the car and make my way towards the gate. I'm suddenly in a bus and I sit down next a spare seat and just look at some people talking. I'm then put in an extremaly healthy, green looking field with a cream gravel path curving around ahead. I vaguely remember looking out over the field and seeing some mountains in the distance, it was beautiful. I start walking with M and we are talking about plans for some sort of event that was going to happen. After a small amount of time I realise a small group of about 5 of us have been sepearted from the rest of the class. We all follow the track for a while and we come to an edge. We all sit a couple meters away from it without looking over the edge. M tells me to jump and see whats behind it. I agree with him for no apparent reason. I run towards the edge and jump, to my surprise it's a campsite and the rest of the class is there. I land with a roll and sit down on one of the folding chairs that they have set up. I'm given a container with some stuff in it and I'm told to set up. If find M walking into the camp and ask him where to sit, he tells me theres only one to choose and I see that's the one I was sitting at earlier. The dream fades here.

    There have been a couple of beautiful landscapes that I've encountered, not sure why but it's a welcome occurence. Once again, just aiming to improve recall and vividness of my dreams before I become lucid. I'm just happy to dream, I find it really fun regardless if it's lucid or not.

    - Have my second LD.
    - Have a conversation with a DC.
    - Fly.
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    1. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      Haha the sensei
      I'm glad to see that you're still so positive about dreaming, it helps me to remember that it's fun just to dream and that I don't have to worry about not being lucid.

      I'm also really jealous of your beautiful dream scenes. I looooove when I have beautiful dreams.

      I'm excited that we're both going to be in the competition
      I can't wait!
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      Updated 01-18-2015 at 08:21 AM by AnotherDreamer
    2. Individual's Avatar
      I think that it would be nice to lucid dream but before now, I was lucky if I remembered a fragment every couple of months. It's such a pleasant change that I'm just enjoying the ride.

      Thanks, the landscapes are wonderful but I noticed in my dreams that I usually look down at my feet for some reason so it's down to pure luck that I happened to look up for a moment and catch the stuff around me.

      I'm really excited aswell, it's going to be such a good motivator and I think a lot of people are going to see some improvements in their lucid dreaming.
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