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    Part of the Imagination

    by , 12-18-2014 at 06:34 AM (261 Views)
    My first lucid dream, I've really been wanting to do a Journal entry but haven't really had the motivation to do so. Now I do, enjoy


    I was watching a stream of some youtubers playing Grand Theft Auto Online. Their characters spawn in and one of them is trying to trick the others into entering a room with a block of C4 flying everywhere. Noone was buying it and they all started laughing at him. My view went third-person and I was in a desert-moutanin area with a girl that was telling me not to move too quickly otherwise I would lose the dream (didn't become lucid because of this, I'm an idiot) It went a bit vague at this point and I remember coming back when I was in a cave with the girl and a group of DC's. I was trying to sleep but couldn't, I got up and looked to the mouth of the cave where a black ghost was. It probably would have been scary but it was 3D animated like a childish cartoon. One DC got up and said something to the ghost and it dissapeared. Everyone moved out of the cave and into a stone courtyard of some sort, It seemed to be surrouned by stone paths heading to termite mounds of something like that. I looked up and I saw the ghost above everyone, it was really stretched out for some reason. Everyone started to freak out and the same guy that talked to the ghost started handing out chairs. He gave the first chair to a small girl and handed a different looking one to a man. The DC that gave the chair thought about it for a moment before switching it with an identical one. A truck-load of the same chairs appeard out of nowhere and everyone started grabbing them. I grabbed one and noticed it was white with a black rim around the cushion. Everyone started running towards the entrance to another cave while I picked up another chair and took my time. I saw that another man that looked slightly like Daniel Craig was doing the same thing. I arrived at the entrance to the cave and wondered aloud "Why is everyone so scared of this thing, it's just a part of my imagination...Hang on?!" I was in shock for a moment at how vivid my hands looked before trying to stabilise the dream by rubbing my hands together as the dream began to fade. I think I might have moved my arm IWL because I could feel myself waking up. I didn't mind though because I was just happy to have actually had one.

    Woke up feeling awesome
    Since I completed my primary objective to actually have a lucid dream (took me nearly a month) I thought I might actually show some of my other goals to do in my lucid dreams:
    - Have a Lucid Dream
    - Bend all 4 elements
    - Tell a DC I'm dreaming and see their reaction
    - Fly
    - Find my Dream Guide or have them find me
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