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    Rotten Eggs

    by , 01-23-2015 at 04:24 AM (770 Views)
    Had my second lucid yesterday. I was not expecting it but it's definitely a welcome thing. I have also been trying WILD but can't seem to really get the technique down. I was having a nap and my body was feeling heavy, I felt like I was hit in the face by a by a ball and very clearly saw a room, it felt like for a second I was there but the feeling went a way and the picture disappeared.


    I was at school with my dad and sister. We were walking through the school grounds and I saw a couple of my friends there. I wanted to talk to them but my dad was getting really annoyed for some reason. He lead me to the home economics room where there were some staff cleaning. My dad walked over to a bucket and started to pick out and throw away huge amounts of rotten eggs. The staff began to notice and they all protested to what my dad was doing. I was sitting opposite to him and I picked out one of the eggs and looked at the yolk. It was a sickly grey/green colour and crumbled in my hand when I touched it. The staff told my dad they would get all of the good eggs and send it to him. My dad refused and began to cut up all of the egg whites into small squares and put them onto a plate. I decided to leave him and go explore the rest of of the school. On my way out I heard one of the staff call me moo, this puzzled me but I decided to ignore the feeling and leave the room. I made my way towards the basketball court and noticed that the school was completely deserted, I came to the conclusion that everyone had left. I passed some lockers on my way to the court and saw one of the people from my class there. He called out to me but I ignored him for some reason and kept on walking. He stopped me as I reached the basketball court and began to talk to me about his day. I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying but I snapped back to attention when he asked me how my day went. "You wouldn't believe how insane my day was...how was my day?" As much as I tried to think I could not put my finger on what had happened before now. I decided to do a nose pinch check just to make sure I wasn't dreaming and sure enough I breathed through both nostrils and everything shot into focus. I said aloud that I was dreaming and the person from my class immediately morphed into a random DC that bolted away, shoving me in the process. I stumbled backwards but managed to regain my balance, noticing that the stability of the dream had been completely ruined. I thought about rubbing my hands together but hesitated and woke up.

    I'm really happy about this one. I managed to do the RC because I found something to be strange inside the dream and I feel like that's a real accomplishment. I hope that the competition coming up this friday will motivate me some more to have another one, that would be awesome. It's kind of unfortunate that the stumble completely shattered stability. The dream was quite vivid and andfelt quite stable and I was going to try to do something before I was shoved. I don't know why the DC freaked out like that though.

    - Have my second lucid dream.
    - Have a conversation with a DC
    - Fly.
    - Find my Dream Guide.
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Yaaay, your second lucid dream!

      It's awesome that you thought to do a reality check when you noticed something didn't make sense. Your waking life awareness is crossing over into your dreams - I bet that will start to happen more and more!

      Good luck in the competition, and keep up the great work!
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