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    Two Fragments [Sensei comp Day 2]

    by , 01-26-2015 at 10:37 PM (373 Views)
    Two fragments of a really cool dream that I had, sadly I didn't become lucid but the dream itself was quite vivid so that's a good thing. I also did a WBTB at 3:20 after going to bed at 11pm but that didn't really help anything and I fell back to sleep to this dream.


    Fragment One:
    I was in an undersea library with my dad and I somehow had gotten powers that could allow me to do anything that I wanted. We met a little girl who said it was her birthday and she wanted food and a boy to play with. My dad and I led her towards an elevator and when the doors opened I created some food. The doors closed and while we were in the elevator I noticed the little girl had a large carrot hat on. I looked to the food again and it was also filled with carrots. The elevator doors opened on the same floor we were on previously and I created a boy about my age to play with the little girl, she didn't seem the slightest bit interested and started playing on a laptop. I made the boy to be her age and he ran up to her, threw the laptop away, grabbed her hand and went off to play somewhere.

    Fragment Two:
    My dad and I exited the library before being approached by a fish/man who told us that we should keep quiet about what we were trying to find otherwise pirates could take advantage of us. My dad thanked him and I thought to myself that if we were caught I would be able to kill everyone with my new power. I then saw two of my friends that had left the school over by a cafe of sorts, they were wearing leather jackets with jeans and were also with another group of people that I assumed were their other friends. I approached the one on the left and asked him if he remembered me, in reply, he introduced me to the other one and told me I had met him in year 5. I found this slightly odd since I had met the guy much earlier than that but I got distracted when a lot of my other friends, who were also wearing leather jackets, began running down the street. I ran after them and as I vaulted over some railing and jumped a large flight of stairs I realised that I was wearing a leather jacket too. Every time I did a stunt I would hear J's voice telling me to be careful, I kept on trying to reassure her that everything was fine and that I was completely safe but she got really worried when I grazed my knee on some paving. I again wondered why I felt no pain but I wanted to focus on the supposed race that my friends and I were having. I told J again that it didn't hurt and proceeded to do a huge jump onto the top of a four story carpark roof, I began to float upwards mid-air but came back down and landed on the third story. The dream ended there.

    I really liked that dream, it was vivid and epic so I would like to do something like that again. Becoming lucid would make that dream more epic and I am begninning to question the dreams again so if I can do an RC it'll be as easy as that. I'm going to try the WBTB a little bit later in the morning or go to bed earlier because when light comes through the blinds I can't go back to sleep anymore so that's something to also take into account.

    - Have a third Lucid Dream.
    - Have a conversation with a DC.
    - Fly.
    - Find my Dream Guide.
    - Summon an an animal and ask it a question. [Dare]

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    1. KestrelKat's Avatar
      I see we use the same color for lucid portions of our dreams
      I look forward to seeing when you fly in your lucid dream! It's amazing. Go for the gold!