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    Another Short Lucid (8/26/13)

    by , 08-26-2013 at 02:12 PM (437 Views)
    I dream that I'm in the desert on some sort of mission. It's a hardcore military operation. Our team is moving cautiously through the vast dunes when we spot a whole convoy of M1 Abrams tanks. My heart sinks at the sight of so many tanks.

    However our team is very confident, and we stealthily make our way behind the convoy. When we reach the backside of roughly twenty tanks I suggest we C4 them and blow them away. I now run up to the back of the last tank and place three C4 charges on its backside. My teammate does the same to the next one. As I make my way to the third tank, he detonates the C4 without my consent, blowing up two of the tanks and disabling the third. I'm now absolutely livid and ready to beat the hell out of my teammate. However, I can't do this because the whole tank convoy knows where we are now! So we all spread out and run away to try and find dunes to hide behind. I find a very short dune and take pathetic cover behind it. I'm radioing in to my allies, wondering where they are. I peak over the dune now and see a tank's cannon turning and scanning. It now finally stops pointed dead on at me. My heart skips a beat and I get up and begun bolting away. The tank fires, obliterating the dune and luckily not me with it. I can't find anywhere else to hide now as tanks begin to fire at me. Then, I manage to find a huge dune and I go around it. When I reach the back, I find the entrance to an underground temple! I realize the risks that may be held in this temple, but I enter anyway. I'm confident if the enemy finds this temple they won't enter. I go down the stairs which are submerged in sand, and I find the first floor. Down here is a little girl, who is being quite noisy. I get pissed with her really quick and make her shut up. She doesn't know soldiers are probably coming to kill me, but she needs to be quiet in case they do. I now force her to lead me down further and further into the temple to decrease the chances of being found. A couple floors down we decide to rest. If I recall correctly a team mate also manages to get down here with us. I'm sitting up against a wall now. It's dim in the temple, with only one flickering light to brighten the area. Luckily there don't seem to be any traps. But that could affect us in the long run negatively. My ally and the girl now go to check on the entrance. As they leave, I now become
    lucid! Okay fuck this situation! I get up and move around a little bit and begin pondering fun ideas. First, I decide I should stabilize the dream. I fall backwards two or three times and now the dream feels so stabilized, and so clear. I move upstairs now, which turns out to be a club now. What? When did this happen? I now begun looking for an exit, and as I finally walk out the door I am awoken by my family. Fuck.
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    1. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Abrams! I love seeing those.

      That bites your lucid was interrupted so early into it.
    2. INeverWakeUp's Avatar
      Yeah it always sucks.