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    The Banana Bank Robbery

    by , 08-15-2014 at 04:40 PM (650 Views)
    It's been awhile since I've had a lucid, but I broke my dryspell last night! It's been awhile since I've even had decent recall of my dreams. I recently got a job and I absolutely hate it with all my heart(I'm a cleaning bitch at a Chinese restaurant). It's put a lot of stress on my back and ever since I've had this job my recall has just taken a vacation pretty much. However over the past couple of days things have gotten better and I've recalled a few minor details from my details. Last night was a huge step for me. I recalled the full length of the dream, from my non-lucid beginning all the way until I woke up at an undisclosed time after attempting a TOTM. I don't know if I completed the task, but I'll leave that judgment up to OpheliaBlue I guess. Anyway...without further adeui I present my dream:

    I dream I'm hanging out around the backyard of my old house. Me and all of my best friends are having some sort of party, and everybody is having a great time. We're all spread out around the front yard, back yard and inside of the house having a great time. However there was a really strange difference about my backyard...there was a large baseball field in the back hard. Not like a MLB stadium, but like a field you'd see at a middle school or something. I can't recall if there was a game or not, but I think there was. Anyway, I was hanging out behind the fence placed behind home plate with my friends. Things suddenly took an interesting and somewhat comedic turn. My friend Logan and Frankie were standing by one another, and Logan began to approach her.
    "Hey Frankie." Logan began.
    "Uh, hey Logan." Frankie acknowledged.
    Logan then started to tense up and become very nervous. Frankie looked at him with her eyebrow raised.
    "You know how I broke up with Mia awhile ago right?" he asked.
    "Uh...yeah...why?" Frankie answered.
    "Well I was just...uh wondering...because I'm single now and all..." Logan takes a slight pause as he begins to shed tears. "I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?"
    Frankie now looked utterly shocked and somewhat weirded out at the same time. Logan was an emotional wreck now as tears began streaming down his face. Me and a couple other friends quickly began to walk away and leave the premises of this very awkward situation. All I can remember is seeing Frankie's very distraught face as she dealt with the very complicated situation.
    So as we left, my friends and I began walking down the street towards the intersection. I started thinking about things for a minute, and I then realized that I was dreaming, and became lucid. I immediately turned to my friends and informed them.
    "Guys, you know this is a dream right?" I said.
    "What're you talking about?" one of them asked.
    "Here look, I'll show you," I replied. "You see I can't get hurt in a dream." I then ran into the street and jumped in front of a car going about 25mph, and I was hit and thrown several feet away. I got up, completely unharmed and walked back to them, but they didn't seem to care too much. So they kept walking along, and I decided to try doing a RC just to be safe. I plugged my nose, and I was able to breathe through it. Then I looked at the fronts and backs of my hands, and my right hand had seven fingers. I freaked out for half of a second and flailed my hand around.
    I thought for a second of what to do, and I quickly remembered to try and do the task of the month. I was obviously obligated to try out my own task that was out in this month, and so it was my goal now to try and hold up a bank with a banana. I ascended into the air, and so did my friend Connor, which was really weird. I then flew across town to where I knew there was a bank in real life. I did find one, but the city looked much bigger and much more urban than it really is. I saw a Key Bank insignia in the distance, and I flew down to the entrance. I landed and made my way to the door. As I did so, I spawned a banana in my right hand, and I then hid it in my inner pocket of my jacket. I entered the bank, and I looked around. There was a bank vault to my far left, a cash register next to it, and a lot of people sitting down and eating meals. What the hell? Okay so I guess this place is a bank/restaurant. I decided to disregard how unorthodox that was, and I pulled out my banana. I looked across the room and saw my friend Michael and his girlfriend Kaitlyn eating in a booth, and our friend Fred was being a third wheel. Oh this was about to get really interesting.
    "Alright everyone listen up!" I shouted. "This is a robbery! Everyone get down on the ground now, and don't try anything and no one will get hurt!"
    People began panicking and they all got down on the floor as I instructed. I was surprised they listened when I only had a banana as a weapon. I now took my banana and walked down to the cash register and vault, and I noticed some people were trying to get up.
    "Hey! I said don't get up or I'll kill you!" I shouted. No one was listening, and I repeated myself a couple more times.
    To that, everybody complied and stayed on the ground. I pointed the banana at the girl at the register and told her the usual deal, and she began removing money. Suddenly, I felt my banana be pulled out of my hand. I turned around to see Fred holding the banana, and he then began to peel it. At the same time, Michael came and tried to attack me, but I knocked him over. God damn it all, now I've gotta handle my own friends. I didn't want this to happen. His girlfriend tried to help but I pushed her back and tried to think of what to do with Michael. So, I grabbed a hot dog from the nearest table and shoved it in Michael's mouth and forced him to choke on it. I then turned and saw Fred eating the banana, and I got pissed. I lunged at him and brought him to the floor. I took the rest of the banana and forced it down his throat so he would choke on that. I got up and returned to the register, where several thousand dollars were resting on the stand, and I prepared to take it all. Suddenly, Fred got up and smiled at me. He then pulled some sort of fucking God power voodoo magic shit and everything changed. I saw Fred standing in front of me smiling from ear to ear, and everyone in the room was calm. I saw the money was still on the desk, and I put my hand on it. Fred made me stop, and he made me look around the room. Around the room everyone was holding assault rifles, and I noticed I had one strapped to me too. I may have had one myself, but I was severely outgunned right now. Knowing I had been defeated, I immediately left the bank/restaurant and started walking down the concrete path. I saw more of my friends and other random DCs down a large staircase, and I became curious. I held my rifle, a SCAR-H, and I fired off a few shots. One hit my friend in the knee on accident, but he wasn't bleeding. I quickly realized it was only an airsoft gun...I had definitely been fooled back there. Holy shit. I don't quite recall what happened after that, but I don't think I did much more before I

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    1. Zyangur's Avatar
      Awesome dream. I loved what happened once your banana was stolen
      INeverWakeUp likes this.
    2. CHiLLEN's Avatar
      So they kept walking along, and I decided to try doing a RC just to be safe.
      After being hit by a car lol love it
      Awesome dream, i liked that one. Your friends are good friends. I sure would hope my friends would stop me from robbing a bank also haha.
      Congrats on completing the task.
      INeverWakeUp and ~Dreamer~ like this.
    3. Verre's Avatar
      Ha, awesome, the way you describe being disarmed of the banana reminded me of the Monty Python sketch, "Self-Defense Against Fruit." I'm not sure if we can post links here (I've seen more than a few scrubbed) but it's worth looking up on youtube if you're not familiar with it. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised to find out it was the inspiration for this task!
      INeverWakeUp likes this.
    4. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Haha, CHiLLEN beat me to it! The logic behind that RC was hilarious.
      I'm glad you got to do your task! It was an awesome suggestion, I thoroughly enjoyed my own banana robbery last night!
      Congrats on breaking the dry spell!
      INeverWakeUp likes this.