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    Broken Recall...10/26/13

    by , 10-30-2013 at 01:56 PM (201 Views)
    NOTE: I'm just going to use all blue from now on cause changing colors is a pain. I'll just use bold lettering for lucidity.

    So I recall this one small fragment of the first part of my dream. I was just laser designating aircraft and someone else would shoot the aircraft down. That was it...boring right?

    So the more memorable part of my dream was I was in my friend Joey's house. Of course since it was a dream it looked nothing like his house. Well the layout was similar, but everything else was changed. But anyway, I'm in his house and I'm making a lot of noise. His mother comes to me and demands I be quiet because her grandchildren are trying to sleep. I apologize and go on about my business when I realize it's the middle of the night and I'm not being very curtious. So I proceed to go to the bathroom and I forget what I did in there specifically, but my friends Matt and Maggie then came rushing into the bathroom. The two begin to make out in a vulgar fashion. I'm quite surprised to see this, as they aren't dating or even hardly know one another. Then the two of them turn to me and throw me out of the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I get up and go into Joey's room where he's playing XBox. I ask him what game he's playing, and he says it's called "Occulus Rift 2." I'm pretty sure in real life the Occulus rift is a gaming headset simulator thing, or it might be a game, I don't recall. So as he continues to play I draw out a shotgun and load in seven or eight shells. I'm actually feeling really jealous of Romeo and Juliet in the bathroom for some unknown reason. I go in and bust the door down and begin shooting. However my shells down seem to do any sort of damage to them, but it sure as hell scared the shit out of the two.
    "I shot you," I say. "You're supposed to be dead, c'mon!"
    "Okay," Maggie says, and then falls over on the ground. In all my confusion I check my shotgun and see I used all my shells, and no one died in my relentless jealous rampage. I now leave the bathroom and go downstairs where Joey is waiting for me with a M1 Carbine and he fires at me. I fire my shotgun which has been magically reloaded, and that was a mistake. Joe's mom now comes in and she is livid. She rebukes me for quite sometime.
    That's all I can recall.

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