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    Car Ride Home, Brief Lucid, False Awakening

    by , 12-30-2013 at 02:34 PM (273 Views)
    I dream I am driving around the neighborhood of my friend's house. Only the neighborhood looks completely different as well as the house. I sit on the back of a motorcycle as a DC keeps driving past the house. For some reason someone is trying to stop us, so I pull out a revolver and try firing it. Quick pulls of the trigger and no result. I then realize this is one of those old-ass ones you have to pull the hammer back on first. I pull the hammer back and the gun fires when I pull the trigger. We continue to do this for a good five minutes until I decide to go in. Inside my friends are all hanging out. Most of them are on their laptops and tablets however. I look at the time and realize it's 9:30 PM. I need to be home at 10:00. I might as well leave now. I begin to search for a ride and everyone suddenly begins to leave. I stop my friend Matt and ask him for a ride, but he rejects me and leaves. Damn it all. My friend Katie now passes me and goes into the basement of what is apparently her house. I find her Dad, Greg, the most chill man I know in real life. I ask to Greg to drive me, and he says yes. I get ready and rush outside to his Prius. I check the time, and it's 9:45 if I remember properly. Greg now walks to the neighbors house and leaves a large package on the doorstep and rings the bell. What the hell is he doing?! We need to leave now! A young couple now answers the door.
    "Did you order some cats sir?" Greg asks. I see the package more clearer now, which is a small cage full of cats.
    "What the fuck am I supposed to do with all these cats?!" the man snaps. "
    "Fine, I'll take them back then!" Greg says. "Actually, you know what? I'll leave them here."
    Greg then turns and leaves the cats behind and gets in his car with me. He starts and we begin to drive. We soon notice that my friend Mike has been in here the whole time. Greg seems to know the way back to my house, so he doesn't ask for directions. We soon take many unfamiliar roads and then I tell Greg it looks like he's going towards my old house, not my current one. He changes course and takes a wrong turn out of a parking lot. He just remains chill as fuck about it all though. The roads we enter are now covered in snow. We pass a speed limit sign reading 25mph(we use miles not kilometers for anyone living outside the US or UK who thinks that's ridiculously low). After a short while we read a speed limit sign reading 80mph. Well that's quite the jump I'd say. Greg now steps hard on the accelerator. I'm very confused by this speed limit sign, I thought Texas was the only state with a speed limit like this, on one road they have. The speed limit now goes up to 85 by the next sign. We now come to a curvy road and Greg speeds up and we lose control and we crash into a tree. We all get out, surprisingly unscathed. I look at the time, which 11:40. I get out and begin shouting at Greg uncontrollably, but he and Mike are just rolling around in the snow laughing their asses off for some reason.
    I'm now teleported to the future, where I'm at home in my laptop. I'm typing an email to send to my Dad explaining why I was so late. He then shouts at me to out my laptop away because I'm grounded. I close it as he continues to yell at me. Then I make a mistake, I yell back. We continue fighting and I soon go to my room. There are clothes everywhere in my room, I can't even see the floor. My Dad comes in and shouts at me more until I tell him to leave many times until he finally does. I then realize how out of place this all is, and I become lucid. I begin thinking about what I should do, but I'm at a loss. So I decide I should stabilize the dream. I begun rubbing my hands but they feel like concrete, so I try falling back. I do it two or three times and the dream feels more stable. But I now have a loss of vision and a fucking stupid false awakening. I don't recall any of my dream afterwards until I

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