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    A Day In The Park...8/22/11(Early Morning)

    by , 08-22-2011 at 03:40 PM (351 Views)
    New Code Celebrating Over 100 MILDs:

    NOTE: I completely forgot to do the TOTY and the advanced TOTM. But I at least had a good lucid.

    I recall being in an office room. I was at my desk working. Some girl was talking to me about leaving or something(not too sure). So, I came over to her desk. At this time, I became lucid! Awesome! So, I had some dialogue with her, that I don't quite remember, and a few little kids came in and left at some point. I then left as well. I exited the building. It was a bright and sunny day outside. It was a bit cloudy though. I now start to fly towards a large set of buildings. Suddenly, I'm in a jet. What the...? I'm not sure what jet it was, but I think it was an F-16. Sweet! Time to have some fun! I now open fire on some of the buildings, with a gatling-gun I have built in. I notice the buildings end at a forest. Damn! I turn around and I realize I have missiles too! I fire some, and I totally miss. Damn it all. I reach the first house again, and turn around. I realize I have bombs too! I drop some bombs on the first house, and keep going. I drop bombs on the next house, then I miss the next one. And I fire missiles into the next house. Turn again, and fire my machine gun at a small house. I turn again, and fire missiles at the house I missed, and it goes up in flames. I then blow up another house with missiles. And then the small house too. I see a large crowd outside the first house, and I open fire on them with my machine gun. I wipe out a large amount of them. I turn, and I see a small windmill, which I blow up with missiles. I turn, and fire missiles at the crowd, killing most of them. I finally land at the house. I get out of the craft, and hop down to the ground. No one even seems to be mad at me. That's weird. Really weird. I now hear a familiar voice from behind. I turn and see my friend Cable. He gestures for me to follow him. He's got a good head start, so I know to catch up. I charge my ki. Ready to speed fly. I jump, and face-plant into the grass. Dammit. So now, he finally just comes to me. He's also with another friend, who I don't know at all. Probably just some stupid DC. Someone now comes outside the house. They tell Cable he needs to come inside and fix his guitar. He says he has to go. No he doesn't. This is my dream, I'm hanging with my friend, not being bored to death. I tell him to follow me. We enter a building that is still standing. I summoned it of course, cause I never leave a job undone. I see a black guitar hanging. I take it down, and strap it on myself. I check its tuning, and it's good. I hand it to Cable, and he's in awe. He says it's awesome. We go back outside and we walk to the side of the first house. A girl is standing there with a red Fender Stratocaster(It's a guitar for those of you who don't know). Cable and her start playing some song I've never heard before. He now hands me the guitar, which the guitar is too low. I fix it, Nd I step next to the girl. I play the guitar solo to "Any Way You Want It." We set the guitars down now, and we sit on a bench nearby. A gang comes by, and we start talking. One guy says he would like to invite the girl to have sex with him tomorrow. Um...that's an odd question. Cable and I now leave her. And I soon awake quickly and unexpectedly. It was too quick for me to prepare for an L-DEILD.

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