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    The Dreaming Dead Chapter 4: "Gas Station Hold Out"

    by , 03-02-2014 at 05:49 AM (298 Views)
    Its' been awhile, but I finally had another zombie dream. Sadly i don't recall too much of this one, but oh well. So let us continue on with my subconscious' story.

    It's been a very difficult journey so far. We've lost many and gained but none thus far. However soon the group would come across what seemed to be a small beacon of hope. We had just recently been chased out of our base by another group of survivors, according to the conversation other members were having. We were out on the streets by ourselves with nothing but biters all around. We would surely die out here in a few days time.

    However after all hope of our survival seemed to be gone, something had come up. I brought the group to a halt as I spotted something very out of the norm. Down the road was a gas station, and we made our way to it. We were amazed. Inside, there was tons of food, beverages, and electricity. We didn't hesitate another moment and made our way inside. There was supplies everywhere! It had appeared we had found a new safe haven as well. The building was perfectly covered, and there was an extra secure second floor. So the group got themselves comfortable and we stored all of our supplies around.

    The last part I can remember is being in the upstairs part of the station. My Dad and brother were inside with us when we heard people talking outside. I looked out of a window and saw a couple survivors looking at the gas station in all of its glory. They were a threat thought. This station was too valuable to risk losing.

    I now rushed over to our weapons stash and pulled out a Remington 870 MCS shotgun. I then loaded in several red shells of Double-00 buckshot. I began heading outside but then I
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