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    The Dryspell is Broken! The Grease TOTY Completed!

    by , 09-29-2011 at 12:10 AM (391 Views)
    NOTE: Here I am! I now have 10/12 tasks done! I was so happy to break my 17 day dryspell. This has been one of my top three worst dryspells since I joined DV.

    Lucidity: 3

    Vividness: 3

    Here I am...a slave. A prisoner. Trapped. Hopeless. Doomed to be slaved forever. Working for these worthless bastards. The work is harsh, as well as the Sun. Having a family to manage(I don't actually manage a family in real life though) doesn't make it any easier. With low food supply and too many hours of work, a family isn't easy to manage by yourself. I'm sick of all this bullshit now. I have decided to make plans to escape with my family and get to safety...away from this hellish place. A man comes to the home I'm slaved at, and he gives me $700 to give to the female owner. He leaves, but I go upstairs to my room with the money. I hide it in my clothes drawer. I have a surprisingly good room for a slave though. However, a man comes to inspect my room. He finds the money, and man is he pissed. I sure ain't no indentured servant, so I shouldn't have any money! This man decides to snitch away to the house owner. But, I now suddenly become lucid! Oh bitch I time this shit just fine! I run up to the window now. I appear to be in my brother's room now at my real life home. Um...okay. So, I now jumped through the window, and I drop two stories onto the parking lot. Aha! I know what I need to do! The Grease TOTY! I now use the turn around method to summon myself a black Mustang, and Greased Lightning. John Travolta(I think his character's name was Danny though...) is sitting in Greased Lightning, ready to race. I now get into my Mustang. Now, we begin the race. I am easily speeding past that piece of shit he calls a race car. Our race progresses for quite sometime, but the dream began to become a lot more vivid. I do recall winning though. But just barely. I soon awake.

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