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    Dryspell Broken/Lacking Recall/Side Notes/Update

    by , 04-24-2014 at 11:07 AM (493 Views)
    Hello DV! Finally broke my dryspell, which lasted 29 days. My last lucid dream was on March 25, so it's been awhile, but I finally broke it last night. Sadly, most of the dream is lost in my subconscious now, but I can recall a few things at least, both lucid and non-lucid.

    I recall being in some sort of store of something with my friends and classmates. I also recall driving out of a gas station parking lot, and two guys cut me off in their car, but then allowed me to drive out into the interesection(sorry lol the parts I remember weren't too interesting).

    Lucidly I recall the time shortly after becoming lucid. I fell backwards once to make the clarity of the dream better, and it worked quite well. Not too long after that the dream almost felt like real waking life. My ADA was kicking in to the maximum, so the details in the environment around me were staggeringly realistic. Not only was the area detailed down to each speck of dust, but my body also felt very lively and at work like it would feel in real life. I've noticed that normally the body just feels empty in dreams to me, and this is probably the same for other people too. Bottom line, I'm very happy with the results of the ADA method.

    Now onto a few updates:
    I'm finishing up this year of school, and so the end of the year stress is starting kick in. I have to constantly worry about my grades, and the mounds of work my teachers are giving me. This has been affecting my dream recall quite horribly, because I've been quite stressed out. I noticed that once this school settled in my LD count from the summer went out the window, and I've been having dryspells for the whole school year. I've been practicing All Day Awareness(ADA) since June, and it's continuing to prove useful in capturing the detail of my dreams, but it's harder to practice in the day time when it's never the first thing on my mind, especially in school.

    Recently, just this week in fact, I've been thinking about returning to the DEILD method, considering I tend to wake up unintentionally at least once a night, sometimes twice, or even three times. It's a very hard method to get started with, because it requires you to not move or open your eyes when you awake, so it's been difficult to have my mind immediately have a twitch reaction to not do so when I awake. I almost had it last night though, so I could've had two lucids! So hopefully I can pull that together soon, and hopefully when summer returns I can get back to having weekly to biweekly lucids again.
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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      When I have a lucid dream I don't normally notice that my body feels any different from when I'm awake, or I could use that as a reality check. But I haven't been lucid very much for a couple months now. I am very interested in this ADA method... I did a search on DV but I didn't get any results. Can you tell me more about it or point me to a place where I can find out more? My dry spell seems to be going on forever... Thanks.