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    The Exorcist Task...10/2/11(Early Morning)

    by , 10-02-2011 at 07:13 PM (410 Views)
    NOTE: My eleventh task of the year! One more and I'm done! I'm so excited! I'm way ahead of schedule too!

    Lucidity: 4

    Vividness: 1

    I dreamed that I was just leaving a battle. There had been many explosions, killings, and so on. I was full of mud at this point. I now take off my jacket as I walk towards a house. I drop my jacket and yell. My jacket was infested with all sorts of gross bugs. I rush away, and leave my jacket behind. I now see a kid from my Spanish 2 class who always calls me "Spence." I decide to annoy him by shooting him with dummy rounds. So, I take out my iPod 4, and I go to my iGun Pro app. I choose a cool sniper rifle(every gun I saw I don't even have on that app) from the app. I clicked on it, and it was now in my hands(damn, I wish that app could do that!). I now look through the scope and aim at him. I fire two dummy rounds, of which one misses, and the other hits him in the chest.
    "What the hell?" he says. He looks around, and he sees me standing there with the rifle. He gets up, and begins to charge at me. "Spence! You're dead!" Not my brightest idea...
    I now begin to run towards the house, and I get inside. I rush upstairs, and I open the gun app again. This time I pull out a gun I actually do have on it in real life. I go downstairs, and I go outside. I see he has an iPod as well. He summons a LAW rocket launcher9another gun not on the app)! Holy shit! I dive, as he fires a REAL rocket at me. I swiftly dodge, and half the house goes up in flames! Damn! I run out an alternate exit, and now I'm suddenly in a dark city. There're many brick buildings, and even a brick street. Many people are outside walking and socializing. This is weird. But now, I suddenly become
    lucid! Yes! I begin to walk around, until I meet up with this girl...and we hang out for a bit. But I soon remember that I have to do the task of the year! Oh shit! I want to do the Indiana Jones one, but in my dream, I can't remember it! Motherfucker! Then, I recall the one other task I still need to do! The Exorcist task! So, I now leave the girl, and I head down a dark road, until I reach the right house. I enter and I go to the room where the exorcism is happening. I see one priest in here saying a prayer. I grab the thingy that has Holy Water in it. I begin to shake it over the person. There, I did it! Now, the person starts to go insane. It's actually freaking me out. Okay, time to leave. I try to fly through the ceiling, but I can't. I begin to blast away the ceiling with ki, and then I fly away. I'm hundreds of feet above the house now, and I suddenly see the roof be magically restored. Okay, that's just fucking creepy. I fly away, and land back in town. I decide to hang out some more. I then soon awake.

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