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    Failed Indiana Jones TOTY...10/4/11

    by , 10-14-2011 at 12:53 AM (528 Views)
    I am at school. I'm with this one girl that I know. I'm also with a few other friends who I can't recall who they were. We're talking about these two really hot girls at the school(real girls actually, but the conversation here is false).
    "She has sex with her boyfriend, then masturbates, then has sex with the other girl." The girl I know said(Weird dream). Soon, our conversation dies and we all go. It is time to go home. So, I begin to walk out, and a group of kids are following closely behind me. I can hear them saying things about me, but I'm not sure what. I soon get outside, the group of kids surround me. Oh shit. This will not end well. Now they get closer and closer to me. Man I'm fucked now. But suddenly, some big person scares them off. they back away a little, with looks of hate on their faces. I now become
    lucid! Awesome! Time to go do the Indiana Jones TOTY. So, I now go into the school parking lot, and I stop. I use the turn-around method to summon a classic white Ford Mustang. For some reason I can't fathom, there's two TVs on top of the car. Weird. So, I now get in, and I begin to drive. I'll arrive real soon. Then, after a few minutes of driving, something hits me: How the hell do you open the Ark of the Covenant?! I stop and get out, pissed that I don't know how. I could pry it open, but I'm not sure if ninja will except that or not(I know how to now though, I looked it up). So, I go into a house, where my friend Zaine is at. I hopelessly ask him if he knows how to open the Ark. He gives me a pointless and clueless explanation. I leave frustrated. Soon, I see Grunts from Halo running around the place shooting. So, I summon a pistol and I kill them all. Then, those weird flying bug things from Halo are flying towards me. I dash to the Mustang, and I grab one of TVs to use as a shield. Oddly enough, the TV sucks all of the creatures into it. That's fucking awesome. I go back and tell Zaine, who seems amused, and then I soon awake.

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    1. Finlander's Avatar
      Loved the TV part.