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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Car Ride Home, Brief Lucid, False Awakening

      by , 12-30-2013 at 02:34 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I dream I am driving around the neighborhood of my friend's house. Only the neighborhood looks completely different as well as the house. I sit on the back of a motorcycle as a DC keeps driving past the house. For some reason someone is trying to stop us, so I pull out a revolver and try firing it. Quick pulls of the trigger and no result. I then realize this is one of those old-ass ones you have to pull the hammer back on first. I pull the hammer back and the gun fires when I pull the trigger. We continue to do this for a good five minutes until I decide to go in. Inside my friends are all hanging out. Most of them are on their laptops and tablets however. I look at the time and realize it's 9:30 PM. I need to be home at 10:00. I might as well leave now. I begin to search for a ride and everyone suddenly begins to leave. I stop my friend Matt and ask him for a ride, but he rejects me and leaves. Damn it all. My friend Katie now passes me and goes into the basement of what is apparently her house. I find her Dad, Greg, the most chill man I know in real life. I ask to Greg to drive me, and he says yes. I get ready and rush outside to his Prius. I check the time, and it's 9:45 if I remember properly. Greg now walks to the neighbors house and leaves a large package on the doorstep and rings the bell. What the hell is he doing?! We need to leave now! A young couple now answers the door.
      "Did you order some cats sir?" Greg asks. I see the package more clearer now, which is a small cage full of cats.
      "What the fuck am I supposed to do with all these cats?!" the man snaps. "
      "Fine, I'll take them back then!" Greg says. "Actually, you know what? I'll leave them here."
      Greg then turns and leaves the cats behind and gets in his car with me. He starts and we begin to drive. We soon notice that my friend Mike has been in here the whole time. Greg seems to know the way back to my house, so he doesn't ask for directions. We soon take many unfamiliar roads and then I tell Greg it looks like he's going towards my old house, not my current one. He changes course and takes a wrong turn out of a parking lot. He just remains chill as fuck about it all though. The roads we enter are now covered in snow. We pass a speed limit sign reading 25mph(we use miles not kilometers for anyone living outside the US or UK who thinks that's ridiculously low). After a short while we read a speed limit sign reading 80mph. Well that's quite the jump I'd say. Greg now steps hard on the accelerator. I'm very confused by this speed limit sign, I thought Texas was the only state with a speed limit like this, on one road they have. The speed limit now goes up to 85 by the next sign. We now come to a curvy road and Greg speeds up and we lose control and we crash into a tree. We all get out, surprisingly unscathed. I look at the time, which 11:40. I get out and begin shouting at Greg uncontrollably, but he and Mike are just rolling around in the snow laughing their asses off for some reason.
      I'm now teleported to the future, where I'm at home in my laptop. I'm typing an email to send to my Dad explaining why I was so late. He then shouts at me to out my laptop away because I'm grounded. I close it as he continues to yell at me. Then I make a mistake, I yell back. We continue fighting and I soon go to my room. There are clothes everywhere in my room, I can't even see the floor. My Dad comes in and shouts at me more until I tell him to leave many times until he finally does. I then realize how out of place this all is, and I become lucid. I begin thinking about what I should do, but I'm at a loss. So I decide I should stabilize the dream. I begun rubbing my hands but they feel like concrete, so I try falling back. I do it two or three times and the dream feels more stable. But I now have a loss of vision and a fucking stupid false awakening. I don't recall any of my dream afterwards until I
    2. The Strange Comedy and Jesus is Back??? (8/8/13)

      by , 08-08-2013 at 03:02 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      The dream starts off I'm in summer school(Thank God I'm not IRL!). I'm sitting in the library on one of the computers, though I can't recall what I was doing on it. The nice school librarian(she is really nice IRL) comes over and sits next to me. We begin talking about summer and whatnot, just relaxing and being friendly. It is now time to leave and so I exit the school, and the librarian offers me a ride. So I accept and I walk down the sidewalk past a bunch of fifth graders who insult my weight. Not even offended nor surprised, I turn and shout "GAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY" at them. I realize it was a horrible comeback, and just continue walking. I'm waiting by her car now for her to get here. I look at a speed limit sign which reads "Speed Limit 45." I'm actually quite curious as to why the speed limit is 45 when this is a residential area. Someone could get easily killed like that. The librarian shows up now with three girls. Well this is going to be an awkward ride home. One guy and four girls, two who're really stuck up too. So after a long fiasco of trying to get us arranged, one of the girls ends up walking home, and then we finally drive off. I realize it's Halloween because everyone but me is wearing costumes today. I finally get home and then end up going over to my friend Zaine's house. There we watch a movie on Netflix about sex addict couple trying to become religious. It's supposed to be a comedy, but most of the scenes make it look like more of a porno to me. After the movie, Zaine and I go looking around his garage for something. I'm asked to move something, so I get in a car and back up so there's space. I then realize the neighbors have been sharing this garage and I've stolen their car on accident. I now exit the car and go about my business until suddenly, someone is there. I turn and see Jesus standing before me. He asks me how I'm doing, but I nervously answer with an "okay."
      "So you're back, Jesus?" I ask. "I guess that means it's the--"
      "Second coming!!!" my friend Rachel exclaims bursting in the door. She seems extremely excited at first, but then very serious. She asks Jesus to just let the world stay a little longer.
      "Look I'm just stopping by," Jesus says. "But this is the last time I visit this generation!" Jesus seems quite annoyed with the generation of people obviously. He now exits the garage, and Rachel and I go after him. As we walk outside I realize how biblically incorrect this is and I
      become lucid. I look up now and see that Jesus is gone. Knowing that it was only an image of Him and not the real one now I simply do not intend to pursue Him, because I'd be talking to an image of my subconscious, not real Jesus. So I start flying now, and Rachel is baffled. So she begins to fly with me, making me baffled. I try to use energy to fly faster, which results in me smashing into someone's house like an idiot. I now look down and see my friend Paul. I decide to have a friendly fight, which Rachel joins in on, and shit actually gets pretty intense. I now try to use the closed eye method to do something, but I have a false awakening. And not too long after I awake for real.
    3. First Day of School(RETURN OF INW97!)

      by , 06-30-2013 at 01:50 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hello hello DV it's been awhile. But I shit you not this time, I solemnly swear I'm returning for good. I've had a recent want to lucid dream again. Last night I was successful for the first time in months. I've have LDs on and off in recent months but this was the first premeditated one. So I have to put 100+ in my LD count cause I've lost track...or I'll put 1 since return...but anyway, on with my dream...

      From what I remember I start off in school. It's the first day(I fucking hate school dreams over summer vacation...) and as usual in dreams, the school looks very different. Some parts are as they are IRL but the rest is distorted. I'm on my way to 10th period(might've been 9th) and I stop and have a miny heart attack(not a literal one) when I remember something. I've been following my previous year schedule, not my current year one!!! I decide this is no time to worry, and get moving to my next real class. I move down the hallway and begin investigating for room 248 for Forensic Science(IRL its room 148, and I don't have it 10th). I see my friend Rachel who passes by with some friends and says hi. I return a greeting and continue walking. I am hopelessly lost, so I decide to obtain the help of other people. Several people direct me the right way, and I begin my journey to class. On the way there, this girl named Paege who I know IRL stops me. She asks me a question I can't recall, and I answer yes. She asks another, so I decide to play a game. I say you have to pay up for an answer. So she pulls out a handful of coins and slaps them into my hand. Surprised, I answer the question. Then she pins me to the wall in almost a sexual way, but I vag-block her and say I need to get to class. I then proceed to the proper room, oddly marked "2048" instead of "248." I enter the room and see how large the room is. It's almost like an entire building.
      "Wow, this room is large," I remark. I enter the room, which is filled with books on books and computers. I then see there's a door to an outside area, and I go outside. Outside there's a whole other residential house and my classmates. I see my friends Trevor and Jason. Trevor is engaged in a conversation with some girls, so I leave him alone and go over to Jason. We greet and sit together. Our teacher now comes out, my Independent Living teacher last year. I'm confused that she is my teacher, but I go with it. So she now proceeds to take us inside her house to her living room(NOTE: I've never actually been to her house IRL). She turns on her TV and a Playstation 3. I'm pleasantly happy, as it appears we will be playing PS3 rather than having class. She puts The Last of Us and boots the game up. I notice she's still very early into the story and point that out(I think the dream made up a fake story for the game). These larger douchy kids make a smart ass remark to my comment. I suddenly lose interest and proceed outside. I notice my teacher has a pool, so a bunch of us jump in, including the douchebags. As we swim, the water turns reddish-green for some reason. The douches blame me for it, so I step out and disprove them. It's actually their obese friend. I have no clue why the water turned, but he did it. Pissed off, the kid came over and punched me three times in the arm. I simply brushed off the pain and walked away. The teacher had moved the TV outside and was playing The Last of Us as I walked by. The douchebags were still swimming and I really had to use the bathroom. So I went inside to the toilet and commenced. A girl came in now and saw me, but didn't seem to care that my Johnson was out. I didn't seem to care either. She walked past me with zero fucks given and walked through the wall of the bathroom. I raised an eyebrow, thinking of how out of place that was. So I decide to do a reality check. I try to remember everything I've done up to when I "woke up" this morning. I can't remember anything before school and I
      become lucid. I zip my pants up and decide to try another RC to be sure. I look at my right hand, and its normal. I flip it over to look at the palm, and it becomes distorted. I have six fingers, and two of them are stubs. I freak out and whip my hand around. I leave the bathroom and it appears a wild animal is running rampant. It grabs another wild animal and rapes it(literally). Disturbed I choose to ignore the animal and begin to walk away. Some girl I don't know stops me for help and then I have a false awakening. I attempt to FA-DEILD(False awakening DIELD) not knowing I'm still dreaming. I see a lot of strange images in my head as I attempt it and I then wake up.
    4. Fight Against the Giant...Dog?!...11/25/11(Early Morning)

      by , 11-25-2011 at 03:31 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      The nonlucid parts of this dream I can't recall. But the lucid part is clear enough. I become lucid at the point when I giant dog begins attack. Honestly, a fucking giant dog? What the fuck is this shit? Clifford?! Well, the dog isn't red...nor is it friendly. People with guns right now are attempting to kill the dog with guns. Not working out. I try showing off, by slightly undressing, and I try some hand-to-hand combat. Not working unfortunately. Dammit! I should be winning! I'm lucid! Why can't I win?! I soon retreat to coupe. I run until going down a rocky path into a cave like place. My aunt and my cousin are in there. My aunt leaves for no apparent reason. For the hell of it, I have my cousin why dogs age faster than humans. He tells me he isn't to sure, but he knows that clipping their tail, nails, and shaving their hair shortens their life. Wow, what a load of horse shit that sounds like. I now "thank" him for the info, and I go back outside. The dog is still running around attacking. He passes by me, and I fire off a full power ki blast barrage. It doesn't do anything. Shit! He now knocks me over and keeps running. At least he felt it. I get up and fire a full power energy wave. But it does nothing either. I now notice a skyscraper by us. It says "Empire State Building Estates." Never heard of that. But, I now talk to a girl who looks really smart. I tell her to meet me up there on the roof. I have an idea now, and we can beat this giant-ass dog. I now fly up and land on the roof. I wait a little while before the girl gets up here. I explain that everyone looks at this dog like a sweet innocent animal. This is causing them to hold back. We can't hold back! We could've won by now! The girl understands and leaves. Damn DCs. Hardly ever any damn use. I go back down now, and the monster has turned into...Godzilla? Okay, what the fuck?! I start spreading my plan, but everyone suggests we just badly damage him. Argh! That won't work! Godzilla can fucking regenerate people! I swear! I can't even remember the last time I found a useful DC that I didn't make myself! Now, I go back out into the battle. That smart girl comes back now. And she has...a giant fucking flying battle cruiser! Holy shit! That'll do just fine! I'm not sure whether I'm impressed by her or aroused by her now! She lands the craft, and I get in. I take the main pilot and gunner chair. She tells me there's a very high-powered blaster gun on the ship. Hm, very high-powered? I like that I idea. I now fly us into space. I realize one of the back doors is open. So I close it. That could've ended badly. I now turn the ship towards the other planets. I see a shitload of planets that don't even exist, and ones that do. I aim the gun at a very large green planet. There's also purple splotches on it. What a weird-ass planet. "Let's see how strong this gun is." I say. This planet is far bigger than Earth too. I now charge the gun to full charge, and release the trigger. A good-sized red beam now fires at the planet. When it hits, the planet explodes! Holy shit! I am aroused now! I now turn around and head back to Earth. I charge up the gun again.
      "Wait! You can't blow up the Earth! You have to go down there, and angle the shot so it goes off into space!" the girl cries out. Well, I guess I shouldn't be a douchebag and blow up Earth. I now take the ship down, and I stop and point blank range of Godzilla. Sorry buddy. You're my favorite movie monster, and always will be. But when you're in a dream, don't be a dick man. I now finally release the trigger, and a huge whole is in Godzilla. Dammit! This chick didn't think to make the beam wider! Fuck! I now begin to continuously fire and fire. This is proving to be effective. I still think just blowing up the planet would've been resourceful. To me anyway. Soon, all of Godzilla is gone. I stop firing and relax victoriously. The girl gets out and cheers with her friends. Cool. Imma go blow up some planets now! I take off into space again, but then I unfortunately
      have a false awakening. Then I soon awake for real.
    5. Really Well Deserved Break...6/24/11(Mid Morning)

      by , 06-24-2011 at 03:45 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: On behalf of my completion of the 300 TOTY, I decided when I was lucid that I'd have a little break.

      I find myself in Mr. Brown(DS)'s classroom(DS). We aren't doing anything. Interestingly enough, the classroom(DS) doesn't look different, and I have the right classmates(DS ). Suddenly, some girls come into the room. They have big smiles on their faces.
      "Okay! We're going to have a singing competition soon!" one says. "We're splitting up the school into three teams. And you'll all sing a Green Day song!" I clench my fist and pull my elbow back and say "YES!" We are assigned groups, and the song we will sing. Soon, class is over and we go into the gym(DS). I sit down by Colten M.(DS). We begin to talk about the competition.
      "Dude, I have the three songs from the competition on my calculator." Colten says. Calculator? What the fuck? I want a calculator like that! "Here's our team's song." he shows me the title, but I don't recall which Green Day song it was. "Here's the next one." The next one is 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams.'
      "Oh I'd love to have that one!" I say.
      "And team three's." Colten says. It's 'Basket Case.'
      "Oh, now I'd REALLY love to have that one!" I say. Colten starts to play the song now. We begin to sing 'Basket Case', but since this was a dream, the lyrics were a little different. We now begin to attract others' attention. A few girls, including Daniela S. come over an listen. We now sing the lyric "I went to a whore. He said my life's a bore." The girls laugh cause of the word 'whore.'
      "The really fucked up part is that the next lyric is 'He.'" I say to them. Then, it hits me. Were am I? School(DS)!!!!! I'm dreaming!
      Yay! Well, I just did the 300 TOTY. I think I deserve a break for such hard work. I now run down the bleachers onto the gym floor. Then, I run outside. There appears to be a deep and steep ditch. Across it, there's a really nice house. I also see Elliot M. there. I jump over the ditch and say hi.
      "Dude! There's a bunch of hot chicks 'n there!" Elliot said(he's a proud redneck!).
      "Then let's go in!" I reply.
      "YEAH!" Elliot says. He runs around to the door and goes in. I jump up to the roof and fly through a window screen. I land right next to Elliot.
      "I came I. Through the screen dude." I say.
      "Nice!" Elliot says. We now proceed(be aware this whole house of chicks wasn't my plan, but I saw it, and yea)into the living room. The hot chicks are hanging out. They see us and invite us in. DAYUM! These girls are smokin' hot! They're all dressed like total sluts too. After we hang out for awhile, one of them says there're more girls upstairs. I decide to go invite them down. I check every room downstairs. No luck. I see stairs. Oh yeah, upstairs! Herp-A-Derp! I do upstairs, and I have a
      false awakening! Dammit! In my false awakening, I 'wake up' wasted at the bottom of the ditch by the house. I get up and walk. Wait! This is the same ditch from...I now recover my lucidity! Alright! I go back inside the house and go into the dinning room. Me and Elliot chillax with the chicks. Then, I decide to go outside, and I awake.
      false awakening , lucid
    6. Meeting Anthony Horowitz...2/5/11(Early Morning)

      by , 02-05-2011 at 03:44 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I find myself at my apartment. Thing is, my apartment looks completely different like in most dreams. My dad, brothers, and I are all enjoying some R&R. Suddenly, someone's at the door. My dad answers the door. I nearly shit my pants in excitement. It's Anthony Horowitz! He's the author of my favorite book series! The Alex Rider series. Holy shit! He's here! In my house! I come over and greet him. I tell him how I love the Alex Rider series. Then, I see he's different. He's balding, fat, and he looks drunk. I see he brought his wife and kids too. I wonder what happened to him.

      Later that day. He randomly gives my brothers, dad, and I each $100.00. I know something isn't right. World famous authors don't just hand out $100 bills. I take him in a remote room where no one will hear us. I ask what's his deal. I ask what's wrong, and what happened. He said he's screwed. I raise an eyebrow. He tells me that no one's buying his books. He's quickly running low on money and is bled dry of book ideas. Then, I tell him I'll help him write a book. That enlightens his mood. He gets on his knees and begins to pitifully thank me. I say it'll be easy. We just need a story line, plot, characters, etc.

      Now I'm at my friend's house. We're just hanging out. The usual. Then, he invites some friend's over for a literal hide and go seek war. We can use weapons or any other resources necessary. This will be easy. I'll just use my ki. The war of hide and go seek begins. I'm hiding in some good cover. I see a gun. I pick it up. Then, two people see me. They come over and open fire. Shit! I get down. I get up every few seconds and fire. I keep missing. Dammit. I'm screwed. Now my friend comes over and mows those two bitches down. I get up and thank him. We head over to a large tower(Forgot to mention this takes place all over the city). We climb the stairs to the top. We're very worn out. Then, two helicopters open fire on us. Holy shit! What kind of game is this shit?! I see there is an RPG. I pick it up and head into the open. I fire the RPG. The rocket successfully blows up the chopper. It begins to fall towards the ground. It hits and incinerates. Take that bitch! Now the other chopper is still on us. Son of a bitch! The stupid RPG only had one rocket. Shit! This wasn't good. Now, a car drives up a ramp into the tower. Shit. It comes over and rams me into a wall. Gosh dammit that hurt! Then, the helicopter shoots my friend. He goes down. Then, I have a false awakening. I awake at my friend's. Thank God, only a dream(still is dumbass). My friend is still sleeping. I go upstairs and see the fight's still on! Oh shit! Not good! One kid comes over with a gun. Screw him! I hold my hand up, then a chuck a ki ball at him. It hits. Hell yeah bitch! What?! The bastard's still alive! I run upstairs and I go into the bathroom. Then, there's a knock at the door. It's Anthony Horowitz. He says he came with my dad to pick me up and take me back home. My little brother comes in and gives me a big hug. Then, he gave me a blue Scouter. He said he didn't want it. I put it on, and we head towards the car and then, I
      non-lucid , false awakening