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    First Day of School(RETURN OF INW97!)

    by , 06-30-2013 at 01:50 AM (346 Views)
    Hello hello DV it's been awhile. But I shit you not this time, I solemnly swear I'm returning for good. I've had a recent want to lucid dream again. Last night I was successful for the first time in months. I've have LDs on and off in recent months but this was the first premeditated one. So I have to put 100+ in my LD count cause I've lost track...or I'll put 1 since return...but anyway, on with my dream...

    From what I remember I start off in school. It's the first day(I fucking hate school dreams over summer vacation...) and as usual in dreams, the school looks very different. Some parts are as they are IRL but the rest is distorted. I'm on my way to 10th period(might've been 9th) and I stop and have a miny heart attack(not a literal one) when I remember something. I've been following my previous year schedule, not my current year one!!! I decide this is no time to worry, and get moving to my next real class. I move down the hallway and begin investigating for room 248 for Forensic Science(IRL its room 148, and I don't have it 10th). I see my friend Rachel who passes by with some friends and says hi. I return a greeting and continue walking. I am hopelessly lost, so I decide to obtain the help of other people. Several people direct me the right way, and I begin my journey to class. On the way there, this girl named Paege who I know IRL stops me. She asks me a question I can't recall, and I answer yes. She asks another, so I decide to play a game. I say you have to pay up for an answer. So she pulls out a handful of coins and slaps them into my hand. Surprised, I answer the question. Then she pins me to the wall in almost a sexual way, but I vag-block her and say I need to get to class. I then proceed to the proper room, oddly marked "2048" instead of "248." I enter the room and see how large the room is. It's almost like an entire building.
    "Wow, this room is large," I remark. I enter the room, which is filled with books on books and computers. I then see there's a door to an outside area, and I go outside. Outside there's a whole other residential house and my classmates. I see my friends Trevor and Jason. Trevor is engaged in a conversation with some girls, so I leave him alone and go over to Jason. We greet and sit together. Our teacher now comes out, my Independent Living teacher last year. I'm confused that she is my teacher, but I go with it. So she now proceeds to take us inside her house to her living room(NOTE: I've never actually been to her house IRL). She turns on her TV and a Playstation 3. I'm pleasantly happy, as it appears we will be playing PS3 rather than having class. She puts The Last of Us and boots the game up. I notice she's still very early into the story and point that out(I think the dream made up a fake story for the game). These larger douchy kids make a smart ass remark to my comment. I suddenly lose interest and proceed outside. I notice my teacher has a pool, so a bunch of us jump in, including the douchebags. As we swim, the water turns reddish-green for some reason. The douches blame me for it, so I step out and disprove them. It's actually their obese friend. I have no clue why the water turned, but he did it. Pissed off, the kid came over and punched me three times in the arm. I simply brushed off the pain and walked away. The teacher had moved the TV outside and was playing The Last of Us as I walked by. The douchebags were still swimming and I really had to use the bathroom. So I went inside to the toilet and commenced. A girl came in now and saw me, but didn't seem to care that my Johnson was out. I didn't seem to care either. She walked past me with zero fucks given and walked through the wall of the bathroom. I raised an eyebrow, thinking of how out of place that was. So I decide to do a reality check. I try to remember everything I've done up to when I "woke up" this morning. I can't remember anything before school and I
    become lucid. I zip my pants up and decide to try another RC to be sure. I look at my right hand, and its normal. I flip it over to look at the palm, and it becomes distorted. I have six fingers, and two of them are stubs. I freak out and whip my hand around. I leave the bathroom and it appears a wild animal is running rampant. It grabs another wild animal and rapes it(literally). Disturbed I choose to ignore the animal and begin to walk away. Some girl I don't know stops me for help and then I have a false awakening. I attempt to FA-DEILD(False awakening DIELD) not knowing I'm still dreaming. I see a lot of strange images in my head as I attempt it and I then wake up.

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    1. melanieb's Avatar
      Welcome back to the forum!

      I'm glad the hand RC worked for you, though animal-rape is never fun, lucid or not. I hope next time you have a LD it you actually get to play that PS3!

      I'll keep my eyes open for your forum posts! ;)
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