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    Good Night of Recall...7/25/11

    by , 07-26-2011 at 01:43 PM (505 Views)
    NOTE: My recall has been so shitty recently. I've been in a dry spell for two weeks now. I'm trying not to stress about it, but it's annoying when I miss my dream signs so often.

    I find myself walking down the back parking lot of my now old school(DS). I'm trying to find the right bus to get on. However, some of the busses are actually just minivans. I'm pretty sure they're not a minivan that exists though. As I'm walking, I'm thinking that I SHOULDN'T do a reality check, since it's the first day of school, and the dream would be worthless. (Let it be noted last year I still tried to use the dream sign throughout the year but it was worthless, but the first day should be an exception.) So now, I get to my minivan, but it takes off. Oh damn it all. So now, my good friend Eternity comes by along with one other kid. They had also missed their rides too. Well this sucks. And now, all the other busses are driving off too. Shit! So now, a black man wearing a plad dress shirt and jeans comes over.
    "Okay, I want you, you, and you to come with me." he says. He leads us to the one last bus in the parking lot. It is filled with all black children wearing black dress pants and white short-sleeve dress shirts. I notice one outlier in the front seat, so he must be another one who missed his bus. My guess is this is a bus going to some sort of Chirstian or Catholic school if I'm correct. Eternity and I sit by each other. We start to drive away from the school now. Apparently, we're heading to our new school, and this bus will go to its correct school after it drops us off. The bus driver calls out the name Isaiah, to which about six or seven people stand up, including Eternity(His real name is Isaiah). Well, it is a common name among black people, so I wasn't surprised so many kids stood up(for the record, I'm not racist...in case anyone thinks I am). So, we soon arrive at the new school(DS), and we get inside. We go up into a PC room and we find seats. My day gets enlightened when I see Lauren(DS) in the room. She drops a few things of hers, so she bends over to pick them up. I can now see her panties, which are pure white. Well...um...I didn't see this one coming. So, the dream now skips over to night time, and I'm at home sitting on the very couch I'm sitting on as I type up this dream. I notice a bunch of people standing outside across the street on the sidewalk. They look like homeless people. I go outside to talk to them. Turns out, they're actually just a bunch of people whoring themselves. I pick up one girl wearing a really slutty shirt and short skirt, and we go back into my apartment. We make out for awhile, but we never actually have sex. She ended up having to leave. I was really looking forward to sex too. Oh well. So, the dream now skips over to the following night, were I find the same story happening again. This time, when I bring the same whore in, all the others come inside as well, and they start partying. I know this will wake my Dad and brothers up. Shit, what now? I know! I jump on my couch, and pretend to sleep, and at this point, I

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