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    The Heist

    by , 07-13-2014 at 04:04 PM (447 Views)
    Entry 7/13/14

    Blue: Non-Lucid
    Bold: Lucid
    Black: Awake

    I dream that me and a crew of guys are walking towards the entrance of a bank. The bank is located in the inner part of a large city, and people are all around us. Our getaway is ready and waiting, a helicopter on top of a roof. Before we enter the bank, we do something in the street(I can't recall what) that ends up distracting the police. We then enter the bank, and I pull out a small handgun and fire into the air. Everyone immediately freaked out, and my crew all began shouting at them.
    "Everyone get down on the ground! I want everyone lying face down on the floor! Don't try anything! We won't give you any second chances!" the crew leader said.
    I now pulled out my rifle, a G36C with an ergonomic grip, green laser and an ACOG scope. All the people on the bank were frightened for sure, not daring to move. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew was setting up to open the bank vault. This bank would never exist in real life; no security guards, no cameras, and the bank vault was in an unprotected room for everybody to see.
    One of our crew now began placing satchel charges on the vault, and the rest of us guarded. I was walking around the room, when a couple of people sat up. My gun was down, and I took a hold of it.
    "On your face!" I screamed at them. Two of the three people listened, but the third, a young woman, didn't. "On your face!" I screamed again. She simply gave me a dirty look, and didn't budge an inch. I pulled up my gun, and before I could lift it up at her she laid back down on her face. I moved along in relief, glad I didn't have to shoot an innocent civilian. I continued walking around, and a couple more people sat up.
    "GET BACK ON YOUR FACE!" I yelled. They immediately obliged, and got back down on the floor. The vault was now opened, and our crew grabbed all the money. I however, stayed to hold guard over the bank. Two normal policemen entered the bank, and all of us hid ourselves. They looked around, confused as to where we were hiding. We were lucky no one in the bank was ballsy enough to give us away.
    I then peaked out and aimed down the sight of my G36C, and I lined up the sight right over the first cop's head. I fired, and the cop spun back. I then shifted my aim over to the next cop and took him out as well.
    All of my crew got up now and rushed out of the bank. I stayed at the entrance as they crossed the street. SWAT cars and police cruisers were all speeding to the scene, and it was about to get messy out here.
    I held my G36C as they police converged upon my position, and I was ready to return fire. In a matter of seconds SWAT were coming from both sides of the street. My team had crossed the street and entered into the building where our chopper was waiting. I had stayed back to fight off the coming resistance.
    SWAT were coming from both ways, so I stepped back into the bank and prepared to fire. Three or four guys came in the front door, and I fired rapidly, spamming my trigger until they were all dead. My gun was single-fire only it would appear, so I had to be quick with my shooting. More cops rushed in, and then I took them out as well.
    I stepped outside shortly afterwards and looked around. No more cops were coming to me. Instead, they had shifted their focus to the building my crew was in. I could see the SWAT team running past windows towards my crew, and they'd be screwed if I didn't stop the police. I aimed down my scope and began taking pop shots at the police, hitting a few of them in the back. It wasn't until long my crew reached the chopper, and they flew off to safety. I then ran off and made my own escape.
    I soon reached my crew mate's home and he let me in. He was freaking out because a policeman was coming for a search of his home. He still had his bag of money and his gear from the heist. So we took the money and gear and hid it someplace special(I don't remember where). The cop now came, and we let him in. He started looking around for suspicious objects, when I spotted what he was looking for. There was something from the heist on the floor(I don't remember what again), and so I grabbed it with a tissue, and I walked off with it unseen. Without getting any prints on it I hid it away so no one would ever find it.
    My crew mate now entered his room with me, and we saw an open pizza box on his bed, and three or four pieces left in it.
    "We gotta destroy the evidence man." he said. So we ate the pizza, and it wasn't before long when I

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