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    Hugging Gone Wrong...7/30/13

    by , 08-08-2013 at 02:40 PM (296 Views)
    Fuck my new format I'm lazy. I'll just make it easy on myself.


    I find myself amongst many classmates in someone's living room. The living room turns out to be my English teacher's house from this past year(I've never actually been to it or in it IRL). He is teaching us very angrily about something no one could give a damn about. He finally gives up and just makes us watch a movie. After class is over, everyone rushes to leave the creepy rundown home and get to our own homes. I leave through the garage as the door opens and the teacher's wife pulls into the garage after me. I go outside to see a very urban city setting(I live in a suburb IRL). I see many of people out and about as I begin to make my way home. But then, I do ADA and I become lucid! I turn around and a woman with half a face walks past me. Kinda creeped out now, I continue walking and contemplating what I should do. I now decide to do the hug a DC TOTM. I realize when I wake up it will be August, so there's no point really, but I still would like to try it. So I now walk over to the nearest DC and give her a big hug. She now begins to squirm and struggle to break free. I try hold the hug, when suddenly we are now both naked.

    Anyone can guess what might've happened next, but I was doomed to soon

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