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    Interesting Events, Driving Problems, and TOTM Basic

    by , 12-08-2013 at 05:09 PM (680 Views)
    There isn't a lot from the non-lucid parts of my dream that I can recall. I do recall that there were many dreams in between sleep and waking up last night. The earliest I can recall is going to my weekly Saturday Bible study. Afterwords I could not find a ride home, because everyone had left me there before I could ask. I then believe I began looking for my Dad's tan Buick Century, after discovering the keys were in my pocket the whole time. I check the front and back lots of the hall desperately but can't seem to find the car. It is too dark to see, so I check again, taking a friend along with me this time. We still cannot find the car, so I can only assume that it was stolen. I don't recall how the next part happens, but I end up flying an AH-6J Little Bird helicopter and firing the mini guns. The next fragment I can recall is being outside of a building in a nice looking field. My Dad and his girlfriend are there, and his GF excitedly tells me about how Ohio State won their game against Michigan State(which is funny, because when I woke up I found out they actually lost). I am slightly disappointed about this, but continue on. I then recall my friends and I have gathered together and assembled a team. We have swords and armor ready as we prepare to fight a large monster. This is out back of the building I was at in the previous fragment. We stir the ground to awaken the monster, which is a massive cartoon blob who is all white with massive spiked teeth and red eyes. It was a lot more horrifying when I was actually in the dream. Especially because he begin trying to jump on us and kill us the whole time. I then recall being underground fighting him in a human state. Only we are all throwing arrows at him. No no, don't use the swords, don't use bows either, let's throw arrows at him. He seems unharmed, even though he has about twenty arrows in him now. If I recall correctly, he then tries befriending us, and shows me his candy collection(LOL). I tell him I favor the sour gummy worms he has, and I ask him to deliver some to me. The dream then goes inside the building I was outside of for so long. It's a pretty nice looking place too. Mostly white walls in the inside. My family is all there, most notably my little brother who I talk to for a moment, but I don't recall out conversation. I then go into the kitchen and check our cupboard, where I notice there are sour gummy worms. This pleases me, knowing the friendly monster has provided this for me. I go outside now, where my friend is waiting. She is wearing badass medieval armor and I think someone is following behind her talking to her. She has a medieval clown mask on his shoulder, which is talking to her as well. The mask now falls off and slides down the snowy hillside. I run to see where it went, and the three of us look over the drop for it. I decide to now slide down the hillside, which is extremely steep. I have an actual nervous feeling as I go down, but I do make the drop with no harm done. My friends follow behind me and we search for the mask. We finally find the mask, who has moved itself up against a large tree, kind of like the one from Harry Potter. The mask now possess the tree and begins moving it around like the tree from Harry Potter. This greatly intrigues me.

    The next part to this is a completely different dream I believe. I am over at a friend's but I'm leaving now. I'm not sure who it was exactly, but I offer to take home several friends who were also there. My friend Matt sits shotgun, and the only other friend I recall being in the car is my friend Hannah, but I'm positive the others were also real life friends. For some reason the driver's seat is on the right side of the car(I live in America, where it is on the left). I now start the car and back out, I try turning and driving but the car goes into the neighbors yard. The steering whelk wouldn't turn for some reason. My friend Matt tries taking over but I tell him I can handle it. I now turn up the sensitivity of the steering wheel because it was too low(what...?). After I've done this I begin to drive again. I stop at the end of the street and turn the corner. I realize something and pull over. I now out my seatbelt on and continue to drive. After awhile we make our way into another neighborhood, and the speed limit suddenly jumps from 35 to 55. I accelerate to the speed limit nervously(I don't like driving fast, I know I'm weird). We continue down the road until I see something. A three year old baby boy is playing in the middle of the road! I now slam on the brakes and swerve around the baby, missing it by inches. Who in their right mind let their fucking baby play in the middle of the fucking road unattended? Especially on a fucking 55mph road! With my nerves cracking we continue down the road. We now see several people dancing to their radio in the middle of the road. Seriously?! I now swerve out of the way of the people and knock out a Speed Limit 55 sign in the process. We now continue down the road as I'm about to have a heart attack from all of this bullshit. We then spot a truck which is stopped in the middle of the road. I panic and swerve out of the way again. This time the road comes to an end, and there is water. We all ditch as the car sails off the bridge into the ocean. Strange, because I live nowhere near an ocean. We somehow get the car back, and I drive alone this time. A cop now lights up behind me, and I pull over. However, I hit about two or three parked cars in the process and do a barrel roll in the process. Landing on all fours, the car finally stops. The cop is now walking over to me until he notices the car is on fire. I get out quickly and run into the gas station nearby. The cop tries to stop me and follows me in. Several people in the gas station draw guns and point at the cop. As I hide behind a store shelf I look up to hear the cop talking to them. Everything then goes black as I hear gunshots ring out. I awake in the near future where my apparent mentor is speaking to me. I have apparently become a very powerful emperor or something of that matter. This is all beginning to get way too strange to me. I then realize that I'm dreaming. I leave the building I'm in and begin walking around. I wonder what to do, when I remember there's the task of the month. I think one of them is to ask someone for a present and record their reaction. I go into a convenience store and look around. I see a man in one aisle with really curly hair and a beard.
    "Excuse me sir," I say. "May I have a gift?" He looks at me now and smiles.
    "Of course!" he replies. He then grabs a pack of Starbursts candy and leaves. I follow him and he goes to the check out. He buys his own candy and drink and then grabs his bag. He then looks at me and smiles.
    "Haha! Now you have to pay for this!" he says evilly. He grabs the Starbursts package and throws it at me, and it bounces off of me. He then runs out of the store and I stand there in shock, trying to process what happened. I plan to go kick his ass, but I then
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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Haha what a jerk!! Definitely kick his ass next time you dream about him.
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