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    Jigsaw...8/2/11(Late Morning)

    by , 08-03-2011 at 02:49 AM (307 Views)
    I recall walking up the side lawn towards my apartment. It was evening time and many people were outside enjoying the weather. I walked up to my Dad's car. Then, I suddenly became lucid without dream signs! I was a bit suspicious though. This dream seemed very real to me. I cracked my fingers, which I can't seem to do in dreams. Hm, well, I only had one way to find out. I jumped in the air, and I started flying. Yep, this was a dream alright. I couldn't seem to remember the tasks of the year. So, I just flew off. I soon landed at a concealed area, where lots of frightened people were trapped. A TV screen on a wall turned on. It wa Jigsaw from the Saw movies. What the hell? He did the usual and asked if we wanted to play a game. Then, a Hydra came out from a pool which wasn't there before. The Hydra starting killing people. Shit! I noticed a jet in here too. Where the hell do these things keep coming from? Oh well, I gotta use it. I jump in and take off. I fire multiple missiles at the Hydra. I blow of some heads. Oh damn it all. So the Hydra now had eighteen heads. Shit! I land now, as the Hydra continues. I can't recall this part too well, but I believe I blew it up with a ki blast. I'm not too sure. But then, I saw a girl trapped in a giant brick made of bricks. I punched it and it split into two parts. The girl was free now. Now, Jigsaw cane out. I got pissed at him. I fired off a Kamehameha at him. This really hurt him. Then I beat the shit out of him. Finally, I stuck my middle finger and index finger on my left hand, and gouged his right eye out. At that point, I awoke.

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    Tags: hydra, jigsaw