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    Kidnapper Escape

    by , 02-22-2014 at 04:29 AM (334 Views)
    I had a dream which was kind of short the other night, but it was a pretty interesting one. I dream I am at my friend Connor's house, only in the dream it isn't his house, rather a kidnapper's home. My friends and I visit the home and we are kidnapped by a man by the name of Rick. He also manages to kidnap my dog as well. We are held captive for awhile until if I recall right, my friends distract the man in some sort of way. They might've attacked him, but my memory isn't clear on it. Anyway, I take this moment to try and escape. I run off and for some reason I take my dog with me. I've got nothing against him, but why would anyone take their dog with them in this situation, when they would oblivious to what is going on? I don't take this into account and continue running away. I make it to the fields of the local high school and I continue to run. My dog now starts barking, and I knew that we were a dead giveaway now. This is until I see a police officer nearby and I grab his attention. I tell him a man named Rick has my friends kidnapped and is going to kill us all. As I say this, Rick and his partner show up. The police officer then pulls out a revolver and shoots Rick's partner square in the face without hesitation.

    Damn! Talk about merciless! He then tries to kill Rick but fails before Rick can kill him. I see that the revolver is still on the ground in front of me, and I grab it. I check the bullets to see only two left. I put the loader back in and fire multiple times, only to hear clicks. Then a round fires and misses Rick by mere inches, and then another round fires, this one hitting him in the chest. Rick is down for the count now, and we're free!
    That's all I can remember.

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