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    The Last Day of School

    by , 06-30-2013 at 09:19 PM (210 Views)
    So, I usually end up dreaming about the first day of school in my dreams, but last night I dreamt about the last day for some reason. But anyway, time to get started.

    I am sitting in my Spanish classroom. It is the last day of school and I only have minutes until the final bell rings. Normal for a dream, I have different classmates, but I think all of them or most of them I know IRL. I begin to observe all the attractive girls around the room( lol ikr) and think about how I won't see any of them until the next year. Finally, the bell rings and we all jump up and rush for the door. Everyone runs out of the classroom into the hallway. Surprisingly, the school is arranged normally. My friends and I now walk together as I look in my book bag. I see a large stack of loose leaf paper, plotting my devious plan. I look back and forth, and see no teachers. I pull out the stack and quickly lunge it into the air. The stack sticks together and lands on the floor nearby. My friends laugh as I realize the paper was still in the plastic packaging. My one friend now comes over with his planner getting people's names and numbers so he can stay in touch. I take the planner and write out my name and number(I realized when I woke up it was an old phone number I haven't used in years).

    Now the scene changes to me outside of my old elementary school. I walk up the parking lot and proceed to the playground in the back. I haven't attended school here in nearly ten years, I get a large nostalgia rush from seeing it all. I am now intrigued when I see one of the trees in the playground has grown to a massive size. We're talking two hundred feet tall and twenty feet wide!!! Surprised, I pull out my iPhone and open up Twitter and tweet a picture of the tree. If I recall correctly, the tweet said "I haven't been here in awhile!" Not too long after, I

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