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    Lotta Randomness...8/23/11(Early Morning)

    by , 08-24-2011 at 10:30 PM (490 Views)
    NOTE: Do you ever find it funny how most of my recalled dreams almost always happen in the early morning(12am-5am)?

    I find myself on a bus heading to school for my first day(Weird, the High School doesn't have buses.). I'm sitting by my good friend Zaine. We generally sit and do nothing for the whole damn bus ride(So exciting, right?). We finally reach school after a stupid bus ride. We get out and immediately go to our first period class. My first period class was a military class(let the record show I'm taking no such class, and those classes aren't even available). My class does a bunch of training exercises until lunch time. For lunch, we get a big sack(haha...sack) of these white-colored food rocks. What the hell? We also got to extremely large carrots(Yeah, I have some fucked up dreams). I'm the one who takes the food over and sets it down. I believe my class consisted of me(duh), two other dudes, and one chick. This dream was a little vivid, so I'm afraid I can't recall how hot she was, if she was at all anyway. I have a blue Gatorade, which one guy throws into a pool nearby. When the hell'd that pool get there? I go over, and someone in the pool hands it to me. I go back, and the asshole steals it again! This time, he throws it over the fence behind our table. Dammit! That was blue Gatorade too! The best kind dammit! I see he has a water bottle, I take it and throw it over the fence(Just an FYI, we can't cross the fence obviously). So now, he takes one of the carrots, and throws it over the fence. The fuck dude?! "These carrots are for all of us dumbass!" I snap. His expression changes. As now, we don't have enough carrot to go around, the food blocks just don't even look the slightest bit appetizing. Now it's been fifty minutes. Time for a class change. I start heading to my next class, and then all Hell brakes loose...literally. Satan and his army are now invading the Earth. The fucker's gonna kill everyone! The sky's color now changes to a blood-red color with black clouds and the sun is dim. We all get lined up to go meet our doom now. Red is standing in the line next to my line. We have a short dialogue, but I can't remember it. Then, we see Eternity up ahead in line. He's crying now. I can't blame him. We're all about to meet our doom. This sucks major balls. I can't stand it! But then, undeniable truth! I become lucid! Oh hell yeah bitch!
    "Rebellion!" I shout. I get out of line, and take a knife from a demon. The demons all seem to be shape-shifted to look like humans. That's retarded. I stab the demon and now the lines become disorderly, and a rebellion begins now. Wow, I'm good at inspiring rebellions. We now proceed into a building to clear out the demons. I throw my knife at one demon, and kill it! Yeah bitch! Now, another demon and Satan himself come in from another door. Satan has a bigass katana thingy and the demon has an identical knife to the last demon's. He throws the knife, which I catch. He runs out, and I throw the knife at him, which pierces his heart. Now Satan throws his katana which hits the wall...less than an inch from me. Holy shit man. Too, too close there. Now the demon's are filling the room, but the rebellion seems to be winning! I go into a room in front of me. I see flying parasites coming at me now. So, I do a Super Explosive Wave, which vaporizes them. Now, another wave is coming. I do another Super Explosive Wave and vaporize them too. I go upstairs into the bathrooms of this building. It's all clear. I go back downstairs, and the building is empty. Damn, we rock! I now go outside, where the sky is normal again. Ugly over to a base, and I see Demons in their normal forms to fight. I see the rebellion has brought hundreds of tanks. I see a few demon's flying in the air now. I go to Kaio-Ken x6 and fly up to them. I kill them all with my fists. Now, the tanks roll in, and the demons look like they're ready to wet themselves at this point. But, I then

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