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    A Mix of Short Dreams

    by , 07-07-2014 at 03:16 AM (223 Views)
    I had a couple dreams which I can only recall a small amount of from last night. All of them were pretty interesting to me though.

    ~Dream 1~

    I dream I'm at the store with my friends. We are there quite briefly, before going to a baseball game at a very muddy baseball field. We are playing and having a great time together. However things quickly take a change for the worst when we are suddenly attacked. Several gunmen start a Shootout at the baseball field, and my friends and I are the first to respond. We all pull out pistols and return fire. There is a long battle in the muddy field, and the gunmen lose all of their men after a short while. I recall shooting at least two of them in all of the chaos. That's all I recall from that dream.

    ~Dream 2~

    My second dream involved me being in a house. It was my own house in the dream; an awesome two story home with a lot of space. The dream was clearly in the future, probably about ten years. In the dream I am married in the dream, but I have no recall of my wife's appearance. I also had a young boy in the dream. The majority of time was spent with me and my wife playing with our son in his room. My son, whose appearance is a blur as well, was around 5 years old, and he was a very bad listener. My wife was very nice, but she seemed to be wearing the pants in the relationship for sure. I would suggest something, then she'd immediately turn down the idea and suggest something different. I would then agree to her ideas and go through with them. It was very odd. I hope in the future my real wife won't be like this, and I hope my child is obedient. I also recall people stopping by the house later on, but that's the last part I recall.

    ~Dream 3~

    I dream I awake in my friends' apartment early in the morning. Another guys' night has ended, so it's time for everyone to get up and clean the apartment as a kindness for the college guys letting us stay here. We all get up and begin cleaning stuff. I plug in a massive industrial vacuum, and I begin sweeping. Another friend of my mind starts vacuuming, and I get mad at him for trying to steal my job. So we comprise, and he sticks to vacuuming hard to reach places, and I'll do the rest.

    I was then awoken, and it was time to clean the college guys' apartment in real life now. Funny coincide of a dream.

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