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    MJ the Rapist, Singing, and College

    by , 03-08-2013 at 04:41 PM (324 Views)
    Yo DreamViews. It's been a LONG time but I think I'm gonna start trying to have LDs again. I've been trying to DEILD but not much success yet, but this was an awkward dream I had last night that I only remember bits and pieces of.

    The first part I really only remember is being in my friend's living room and Michael Jackson was there. I wasn't even baffled that he was somehow alive. And(this is where it escalates) he was a female now, and he was...well...raping someone. If I recall correctly I then proceeded to inform the police and he was arrested. Yeah, weird.

    The next portion I remember is being at my church. The actual place we have it was different-looking(as usual in dreams). We were doing our ice-breaker(our Pre-teaching activity) which were all having a singing contest. I raised my hand to join in, but I wasn't selected. Somewhat pissed I remained in my seat and just observed. Everyone sang a song and the final person was this one girl I like. It was a beautiful song and a beautiful voice. The girl brought herself to tears from the song and everyone applauded. By this point I was determined to start impressing people with my voice(I honestly suck IRL). So after leaving with some of my good friends I began singing the whole way home. The only two songs I recall singing were "Pieces" and "Slipping Away" by Sum 41. My friends were getting quite annoyed now so I stopped, accepting defeat. Finally we drove by a local college. For some reason we were driving on the sidewalk of the campus. I noticed my friend coming out of the school so we pulled up to him(weird cause neither of us are in college...). He put his hand on his pants like he was going to pull a a gun, but then he saw it was just me. He must've thought a pedophile was trying to pick him up. After that I don't remember much of anything.

    I woke up this morning and reviewed these things. First off, why the fuck did I dream about female rapist Michael Jackson?! Next I was weirded out by the whole singing thing. The rest I just said whatever.

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