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    Nearly Completed Gone With the Wind Task...7/7/11(Mid Morning)

    by , 07-07-2011 at 03:02 PM (746 Views)
    Gone With the Wind TOTY

    NOTE: I was SOOOO close to completing the TOTY. It's not even funny how close I was. I almost completed it, until a fucking lawn mower woke me up! That just blows so much, it's not even remotely funny.

    I start off in the water. Oddly, this is in school(DS). It's the last day, and we're having our Field Day competitions. There's a life-sized chess obstacle course in which we're using real people who're actually fighting! I'm OB the course now. The first person to give their celebrity the ear buds and listen to music wins. They're placed at the top of a tower like structure. The opposing team's celebrity, if I recall right, is Lady Ga Ga. Our celebrity is Selena Gomez. Oh, liking our celebrity. So, we now begin hitting each other and trying to get the iPod and ear buds. I rip through and get them. I start to run towards the tower. Another girl steals them, and climbs. She almost hands the buds to Lady Ga Ga, when I steal them back. I run around and go up the stairs to the top. I hand them to Selena, who puts them in. I look at the iPod, which is a 4th Generation iPod Touch(What I'm typing this entry with!). The song is "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" by U2. We are now declared the winners! I tell Selena U2 is awesome. She agrees. She then kisses me on the cheek. Okay, like...turn on!
    "Well, I'm in a relationship now, so we can't date." Selena says. Okay, at least I have a chance! "But do you want me to hook you up with someone?"
    "Hell yeah!" I reply.
    "Okay, I'll meet with you tomorrow at your house." Selena says. Awesome! So I go back into the water, which is nice and warm. My older brother comes to pick me up. I tell him that Selena Gomez(he's a huge fan of her) kissed me on the cheek. He actually says he doesn't care, and tells mr about a dream he had. We get home, which is rearranged(dreams). We're in the garage, when a helicopter lands in our drive way. We here Selena's voice. My brother smiles, and we run outside. There are multiple dudes in the chopper with her. She says they're holding her captive. The chopper flies off, but those dumbasses crash it into a set of garages. I speed fly there. Wait, flight?!
    "This is a
    dream!" I say upon landing on the garage set. Time to fuck these assholes up. Selena gets out and runs to me. The guys get out and three of them charge. Big! Mistake!
    "Kamehame......" they're wondering what I'm doing as they charge me. "HA!" I blast them all away at point blank range. That had to hurt! I see two more on the ground. I fire a full power ki wave at them and kill them. Then, I see the rest running towards a locker. That's weird, these garages are attached to the condominium, and a bunch of lockers on top. I charge at them. I extend a hand.
    "Big Bang Attack!" I shout. They all get into a locker, but they get blown up anyway. Idiots. Shit! I now realize I have to do the TOTY! I have no time to spare! I start taking control of my five senses in my dream body to maintain lucidity longer. The dream now feels more realistic since I did that. I take out a Pokéball now.
    "Latios! Go!" I shout throwing the ball. It lands and comes back as a Latios comes out. I put the ball away and go over to Latios. Latios is being disobedient, and keeps staying back. Ah screw Latios, I'll fly myself. So I now speed fly away. I'm looking for the house I remember seeing Rhett and Scarlett at in a YouTube video. Ah-ha! I find it and land. I go up the stairs, as the two of them come out.
    "Wherever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?" Scarlett asks in a crying voice.
    "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Rhett replies. Time to make my speech.
    "You don't give a damn, huh?" I say. The two notice me and are paying close attention now. "Do you realize what you're about to do, Rhett? You're about to leave the only woman you've ever truly loved. You will always regret this. And look how old you're getting now! I don't know when this movie was made, but I sure as hell know it was before eHarmony was ma--" My Dad and little brother show up now. My Dad interupts and takes me by force! We're driving, and my Dad keeps demanding I show him my DJ entries. I keep telling him no. I eventually fly away and I'm back at the place. I continue.
    "I know this movie was made before eHarmony was! You'll be dead by the time it's created. You'll never find another love. You'll be a lonely man for the rest of your life. You will sit in a--" I hear a lawn mower. It's getting really loud now. I then,
    awake! I still hear the lawn mower. It's outside, and it woke me the fuck up! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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