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    Nightmare(feat. Merle Dixon), and Task of the Month

    by , 01-13-2014 at 03:21 AM (620 Views)
    I lack the recall of the events leading to this moment, but me and a group of people whom I don't recall but one are under attack. A group of hostile "survivors" I guess you could call them are searching for us. Me and a few from our group go and hide in the ruins of a destroyed building. An M1 Abrams tank drives by and soldiers walk by as well. I notice the insignia this group uses and it interests me a little. It's a crescent moon. However, my interests are soon interrupted when I think we are discovered(my recall is a little shaky on this part). Our group has been discovered by the enemy and they are feeding our group to these extremely devilish-like creatures. One is like a large black serpent sort of thing with gnashing teeth. The other is almost like a clam, but the size of a truck with huge eyes and sharp teeth. The creatures are devouring my group, whom for some reason Merle Dixon is a part of. Merle? I thought he died!!!

    Well that's beside the point, but anyway this is part of the dream is actually very frightening to me. I don't recall very well, but it was some point in time around this part of the dream in which I realize this is far too out of place and I become lucid. Okay, time to get the hell out of this place! I now fly off until I come to a town where I enter a grocery store. I fly around inside for awhile and I do a reality check because I just feel like doing one even though I'm lucid already. I plug my nose and breathe through it. I do this several times and then look at the backs of my hands. I notice my right ring finger is only half the normal length. I then look at my palms and I see my left hand is shaped the same as my right hand(the fingers are on the same sides). I now move along and land on the ground. I think about what to do and remember I can still do the task of the month. I walk up to the cash register where there's an African-American man who doesn't seem to be enjoying this job too much.
    "Excuse me sir," I begin. "What's the meaning of life? Shit...wrong question, disregard that one." "Uh...what is your New Years resolution?" The man now steps out from the counter and begins browsing items near the cash register. He turns to me and answers. I don't recall his answer 100%, so a lot of this is paraphrased.
    "There're only two things I try to do," he says. "Radio broadcasts and New Years resolutions, and I a suck at both of them. Though my voice is quite majestic."
    He continues rambling on for a few minutes and I'm thinking to myself about how I'm going to recall all of this quote to type it on Dream Views. I soon leave and I end up traveling on a snowy road. It is an unmarked and unplowed road with a frozen lake nearby it. I think about what I should do next, but I soon
    awake to my dog singing the song of his people downstairs.

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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Heh, your dog singing what now?

      Anyway, congrats on the totm. Interesting how your mind started to kinda head in the direction of the bonus at the end there, what with the frozen lake and all.
      ineverwakeup97 likes this.