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    One of My Most Peculiar Dreams Yet...10/8/13

    by , 10-09-2013 at 03:13 AM (248 Views)
    So I can't recall much of the start of this dream, but it remember two key moments. The first was I dream I'm in the car with my Dad in the old neighborhood we lived in. We're driving down a standard state 35 MPH road and then we turn right onto a residential street. The speed limit is now 55 MPH. This makes me very surprised, because residential roads are supposed to be 25...and this one is 55...very strange. I just hope the road doesn't have any kids living on it, or has a lot of traffic.

    The next portion I recall(and I think all of this was one dream, but possibly two or three separate ones) I am rolling around Vice City with Tommy Vercetti in his car. I don't recall what he was driving, but I think it might've been a white Infernus(This is all stuff from the Grand Theft Auto franchise). Personally, the Infernus is my favorite GTA car because of its resemblance of the real life Lamborgini and its superior speed.

    Now for the next part, where things escalate VERY quickly. I dream I'm hanging out with my friends, and we are being WILD as fuck. I can't recall any specific acts, but it was definitely out there. So, my devious little mind decides to take things to the next level.
    "How about this?!" I say, before flinging my shlong out jokingly.
    Everyone now stops dead where they are and look at me shamefully. Everyone is very grossed out and now leave. I realize I went a little too far, especially because two girls were there. So I now decide to repent for my stupidity and apologize. I find the two girls sitting with one another on a wooden picnic table by the water. A beautiful forest surrounds the glowing water, which it find to be very neat. I sit down, and the two girls barely acknowledge me.
    "Hey, I uh, wanted to apologize for earlier," I begin. "That was really immature and out of place, so I'm sorry."
    "It's alright," one of them says. "It was pretty big though..."
    I'm now incredibly embarrassed that she say that. Not that it's an insult, but that it's just so awkward. Especially because the two girls are sisters IRL.
    "Well...it's nothing special-"
    "It's average I guess," she cuts me off.
    The two of us now decide we should go hang out together in the forest. I quite enjoy the idea, and so we make our way in and wander around. We quickly come to like one another very much. So much in fact, I feel a temptation inside of me. I want her(if you catch my drift). I realize it's just the two of us, all alone here in the forest. No barriers to hold us back now. I know inside of me that I can't do this. It's disrespectful for me to do this outside of a marriage. Things then get even worse when we find a random bed sitting in the forest. A nice comfy bed with clean white sheets. Perfect for relaxing, sleeping, fucking... I look over to the girl, who I see is giving me a smirk. She wants the D...nothing more to say. We're both very confused about how a perfectly made and clean bed is out her like this though. However, I soon lose my shit and just straight up do what I must to get rid of the temptation...and I leave(Ha! GAAAAYYYY!) I'm now crossing a wooden bridge on the outside of the forest. It was pretty douchy to just leave that girl like that for no reason. I now see my good friend Paul and my other good friend Zaine's ex-girlfriend both walking towards me with looks of urgency in their eyes. Why this random pair of people?
    "I heard you were hanging out with a girl one on one," Paul says. "You'd better not fall into temptation!"
    Alex(the ex), looks very pissed and says,"Just go for it Angelo! Go have sex with her and get it out of the way!"
    "Don't listen to her! Don't do it!" Paul rebuttles.
    This fight continues on between the two until I soon
    awake. I take a moment to comprehend this as I lie awake in my bed, but it just doesn't come together. Oh why, mind?

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