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    Operation: Find the Computer Chip

    by , 02-11-2014 at 06:47 PM (321 Views)
    This dream wasn't a very long one, but it was a quite cool one I must say. I start off outside of some building of some sort. I'm walking towards the entrance of the building on a very futuristic walkway of some sort, and I have CZ-3A1 Skorpion EVO in my hands.

    On the gun I have a stubby fore grip, a stubby suppressor, and a Kobra red dot sight. It's an interesting Russian brand RDS with a three-prong reticle in the center of it. The Skorpion is a master close quarter weapon, firing an impressive 1000 RPM. Taking this all in I can assume I'm here for one reason, and one reason only: killing some fools.
    I hold up the PDW now and breach the entrance of the building. Inside I quickly take down one guy, and then two more coming from further down. I look down the stairs and see no one is coming, but then I hear footsteps coming from the entrance. I turn and gun down two more enemies as they enter the building. I reload and continue to move along.
    I go down the stairs in front of me and enter what appears to be a kitchen area, where I see a lot of people cooking things. They're all wearing normal chef uniforms and prepping for what looks like a big feast later on. As I walk through, I see an armed guard and shoot him point blank in the chest. One of the chefs sees me kill him and freaks out. I pull out a wad of cash from my pocket and hand it to him.
    "You didn't see nothing," I say, and I move along.
    I now realize how risky this is to have my EVO out like this, because so many witnesses and innocent people are here in this futuristic building. I come into a hallway now, and I hide my EVO in my leather jacket I happened to be wearing. My hand never leaves the gun however, as I'm paranoid that someone may pop up and shoot at me.
    I walk through a large crowd of people in the neatly carpeted hallway and come to a staircase leading upstairs. I walk up it and I'm now in another hallway. I see many parents with their little children walking up and down the corridor, and I'm getting more and more worried now.
    I'm really hoping nothing goes down, because all these little kids are gonna get caught in the crossfire, and that would be terrible.
    However, I soon come to another staircase, which leads me exactly to where I need to be. I mention to myself in my head that the chip I need is upstairs. So I go up the stairs now with caution, and my EVO aimed and ready.
    I see a person in the room and pull the trigger, but the gun misfires. I keep pulling the trigger in a panic, but the gun won't fire. I look to see the person, who is someone I actually know in real life, but barely. She's a ginger-haired girl with a look of panic in her eyes, which is now fading to relief.
    I remove the suppressor from my gun and pull the trigger, but that doesn't help at all. I guess my dream self is too stupid to just pull the gun's operating rod and chamber a new round. I reattach the suppressor and try again, with no result.
    "Good thing it didn't fire when the suppressor was off," I say. "There'd be people all over me."
    I look at the girl, who is thankfully unarmed, and just staring at me now. A friend of mine now comes upstairs and stands by my side. This room is very compact, no larger than 10ft X 10ft I'd say. In the corner is a desk with an older looking computer, which must have the chip in it that I need.
    "Alright, give me the chip," I order the girl.
    "If you want the chip then you'll have to do me a favor," she replies.
    I assume at this point it's something I don't want to do, as the girl gets a grin on her face. I assume that this means she wants a sexual favor of some sort, which makes me cringe a little on the inside. I mean, she's not ugly, but she's not super attractive either. She's in the middle, but I realize the importance of the chip. I approach her now, only to be
    awoken by my Dad opening my door and walking into my room.

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