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    Pointless(Sorta) LD...8/11/11(Mid Morning)

    by , 08-12-2011 at 05:39 AM (507 Views)
    NOTE: My recall takes off once again where I became lucid. I've had to sleep with only one blanket recently. It's one of the ones where the design makes it have holes on the whole thing. So I've been sleeping uncomfortably and my recall is shot.

    I was outside my apartment right after becoming lucid. I have no clue how I did though. I saw a car and decided to drive it. I noticed I was to big for it though. Hm. Weird. So, I squeeze myself in, and I start the car. I drive all the way down to the end of the development. I was coming up towards three cars at the three-way intersection. So, I slam on the brakes. I ram into the first car. Oh damn it all. So, I now get out, and take the right turn. I run up the street until I reach a streetlight. I see Steve Perry on a stage in the middle of the street. He's singing to everyone(INCLUDING ME TOTM!). I notice he's all alone up there singing "Wheel in the Sky." I jump up and grab a guitar, and stet playing(Yes, I know this song on guitar). The guitar solo now kicks in, and I play it. Soon I see someone who's terrorizing everyone. Really?! Oh well, at least I did TOTM. I go back to the car crash, and I see one of the mechs from Avatar(the movie, not the anime). I get in it, and I pull out my weapon. Really?! It's a bunch of different colored missiles on a pistol. I fly up from the mech and see the guy. I fires the missiles at him, but they don't do jack shit. Oh damn it all. I noe get back in the mech, and sit down. I close the cockpit and go back to the missiles. I pull out a big shotgun. I shoot the missiles, and a shitty foot radius explosion happens. Dammit! I notice the guy got away now. Fuck! I see him flying away. I get out, and hold onto the mech. I try ki speed flying, but I can't. What?! Oh it's the mech, but I wanna take it with me! I can't seem to get away with it, to I go and sit upon a tree until I awake.
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