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    Rape Protection...10/11/11

    by , 10-14-2011 at 01:00 AM (491 Views)
    I am at a party with ass-tons of people I know. My friend Zaine has received rumor he's going to get raped by this girl we all know. Well that's not good. I decide to volunteer for the job of protecting Zaine from getting raped. I scan the area, looking for the girl. I spot her with her friends at a table not too far away. Zaine decides he wants to leave before something bad happens. Unfortunately, he has to go past the girl no matter what. Damn, we're in quite a fix here. I now come up with a plan. I have Zaine begin to walk out, and I go to a different side of the room. I crawl under the tables and head towards the girl. I reach her, and I touch her feet. She is startled, and Zaine wanders past unnoticed. I now awake.

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    Tags: protection, rape
    non-lucid , dream fragment