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    Shooting On The Street

    by , 03-12-2012 at 01:10 PM (344 Views)
    NOTE: I don't quite remember where the dream started, or ended, but I recall this one part of it.

    I dream I'm sitting in the back of a black van with some friends(not people I know in waking life though). It's a nice sunny day outside, just like most of my dreams. We're driving through an urban place, and we come to a four way intersection. On the sidewalk to my left, there's a man, who pulls out a gun. He shoots another man, who goes down. I'm staring at the scene in shock. Another man comes up to the shooter to stop him, but he is also shot. A man who walks by is also shot. I'm now scared, because I believe he may open fire on the van I'm in. The police now show up, to the right of the van. They have multiple cars, and make a blockade. The shooter opens fire on them, but he is a bit unsuccessful. The police wait for him to run out of ammo, then they rush over and arrest him.

    That's all I remember.

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