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    Shootout, Time Change and Punching Kim Jong Uen

    by , 07-09-2013 at 02:06 PM (750 Views)
    There is a massive shoot out going on. I am carrying a MTAR-21 Carbine in the gunfight. Our team is pushing through the streets and we push the enemy back into a building. I move into the building and sneak up stairs to a window. I jump down two stories and am now behind the enemy. I rush in the back doors and see the last enemies. I unload bullets onto them and kill them. However a few escape. My team and I begin to pursue. We rush downstairs after the enemies and then outside. When we arrive outside they're gone. But we see a wall behind us in which would be hard to climb, so we assume they moved up road. There's a bus waiting and we forcibly board it. I sit down in the back and my teammates sit up front. As we wait for the bus to move we get a sudden shocking surprise. A bomb now goes off on the bus! The two remaining enemies rigged it! After the shock of the explosion, I realize that I'm still alive. The bus is in flames and I'm still on board. I quickly rush to the doors of the bus through the smoke and flames and exit. I'm horribly shocked right now from the explosion. I notice an unaware enemy soldier running away. I rush after him and quickly grab him and I handcuff him. My gun was lost in the explosion. I now take a moment to catch my breath as I celebrate from catching the terrorist. My celebration doesn't last long however, when the suspect breaks his cuffs off and runs away. The other missing enemy soldier soon jumps out and follows him. They climb over the wall and flip me off as they do so. Rather than chase them, I simply return with a double bird flip as they climb over to safety.

    The dream transitions into another city night scene. I would spend twenty minutes typing up what all happened but the whole dream was literally me fucking walking. Near the end of my walk, I'm coming up a hill towards home. I notice the most peculiar clouds in the sky. They're red clouds in the night. I walk up the sidewalk and I realize I have no shoes all of a sudden. Home is still a good five minute walk away and I'm exhausted. But I'm not getting getting home just standing around I guess. I continue to walk, intrigued by the red clouds. I soon realize the sun is coming up. It's about dawn, and I realize if I'm not home before my Dad gets up I'm screwed. I finally reach my neighborhood which seems extremely different from what my dream self remembers(it's nothing like real life as normal, but my non-lucid self sees it as different from earlier in the dream). I see a lake, construction, and many new houses. I walk around until I see my Dad. My Dad looks at me in shock, as if he's seen a ghost. He's utterly shocked to see me. He now explains how he hasn't seen my in 20(I think) years. I'm really weirded out, and my Dad tells me to go home and see my Mother. I'm confused, because my Mom and Dad are divorced, but I go with it. I walk to my apparently new house I've never seen before and enter. Even though it's been twenty years I appear to not have aged a day. I think I've warped forward in time. I for some reason have left no future self behind. If you think about it, that would make sense. If you remove yourself from time, you shouldn't be in another. But anyway, I walk in and explain to my Mom that it's me, her son. She is shocked as well. She explains to me about how strict the government has been. She was taken away from her new husband and forced to be with my Dad, and my brothers forced to move out on their own. It's all very strange. I now decide to go upstairs. I enter a bedroom, supposedly my parents'. I see one small bed, windows, and whatnot. I see an alarm clock with red numbers. I now feel very very weird, and I contemplate a reality check, but I instead smile
    as I become lucid. I turn around and head downstairs. My Mom is coming up the stairs in tears, rambling and rambling on. "Mom, calm down this is a dream!" I say, trying to experiment reactions. My Mother seems to not have heard me. "Mom, calm down this is just a dream!" My Mom now becomes serious-faced and looks at me. She shapes her fingers into a pretend gun and points it at me.
    "I'll kill you," she says coldly. I now ignore her and walk outside of the house. I see my Dad walking back up the yard.
    "Alright then son, stay out of my fucking house," he says calmly with a warm smile as if it's a good thing.
    I now walk down the sidewalk and I remember I have the TOTM to do! Which one do I do first though? I can fly over to the lake and write my name in the sand, but decide to do so later. I now decide to punch a leader first. I imagine Kim Jong Uen is coming down the street. I look around through a crowd of people and see Kim, his dad, and a body guard or two. I say hi and walk up to him. He looks frightened and runs away. His dad and guards seem to not be shocked. His dad shots to him to return. I instead rush after Kim at high speed, quickly catching up and grabbing him. He struggles as I pull on him.
    "Come on Kim!" I say. "The media will love this!"
    Kim now rips his suit jacket off and begins to run towards the lake. I notice night is already coming, and people are gathering by the lake for something. Kim is running for the tall grass in the shallow end of the lake. I rush again and catch him again. I pull us both to the ground as I notice the people are watching a movie trailer for a live action South Park movie. Really odd and out of place the future is I think as I look back to Kim.
    "Take this!" I shout, and I slug him in the face. He shouts in pain, and his body guards are now running towards me, as well as his dad. I run past them them and turn around to face them. I spawn a firework rocket in my hand and I eat it. As I prepare to fire it
    I awake.

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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Good job on the advanced task, and almost the other one!
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    2. Wurlman's Avatar
      Lmao very nice Bro congrats!! Sounds like ur a soldier in real life. Or have had at least some experience in this feild :-) "the media is gonna love this" hahaha
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