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    Short Lived LD...8/9/13

    by , 08-13-2013 at 05:39 AM (257 Views)
    I should've posted this about five days ago, cause now I forgot most of it. :/

    There was more prior to these events, but I forgot them. :/ But I'm currently getting in the getaway vehicle after a a Shootout. My friends Joey and Justin are loading into the car, Joey getting behind the wheel. I jump in the car(I forget which seat) and Joey drives away. I remember all of us are wearing Kevlar vests and weapons strapped to us. Joey starts the car and begins to drive away in a hurry. As we go up a hill Joey makes a sharp turn. Now for some reason physics says I'll do whatever the fuck I want, and sends us backwards over the side of the hill. I notice another cliff about two hundred meters away as we fall. I look down and see the car plummeting to the war hundreds of meters down. We all scream, when I suddenly become lucid! I now open my door and jump out of the car.
    "Guys! Just fly!" I shout to Joey and Justin. I now realize how dumb I'm being, and fly down to the falling car. The two jump out as the car hits the water and they submerge. I dive deep down and chase after them. I grab both of them and fly them up to the cliff I noticed earlier.
    i don't remember anything much afterwards.

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