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    Some Small Dream Fragments

    by , 07-06-2013 at 01:59 PM (279 Views)
    I dream I am driving around a parking lot in a pink Bug with my Dad. We pull up by a small playground and see my ex-health teacher Mrs. Wolfe. She wants to speak to my Dad for some odd reason. He suggests I pull up onto the sidewalk, but Mrs. Wolfe denies the idea. So my Dad gets out and goes with her. I continue to drive in circles. I stop and get out shortly at another small park area where some of my friends are hanging out. After awhile I get back in the pink Bug and drive. But the keys aren't in the ignition, and I begin to roll down a hill. I see I'm on a dead path to hit a car and panic. I finally get the keys in and attempt to turn out of the way. To my luck, the wheel is down and won't turn because its rubbing against my legs. So I quickly pull the adjustment lever and it goes up and I turn out of the way, barely missing the car.

    Next I dream its the last days of the next year of school. It feels like it went by in just a flash. I'm in the hallway of the school, which looks more like a prison than a school. I find my two friends Joey and Mark and we talk about how fast the school year has gone by. It literally felt like yesterday we started the year. Later on I'm going by classrooms and a teacher I had two years ago stops me and hands me a very odd plant.
    "I noticed you're going to be in my class again next year, so you'll need this," she says. The plant looks somewhat like a small tree. It's entirely green, and has a massive stem, with green little "branches" hanging on it. And small little grey flowers are on it.

    That's all I remember.

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