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    Taken--The Dream Version(And Brief Lucidity)

    by , 03-24-2014 at 02:25 PM (299 Views)
    Time to log a dream at the best time to log one: after you've woken up from it! Sadly, this dream is still incredibly lost in my memory...

    I dream some friends and myself are all hanging out somewhere, when suddenly, our friend gets kidnapped by someone. Luckily all of us manage to catch a really good sight of the culprit. So now, this begins the desperate search for our friend. I actually don't know any of these people who are with me IRL, but oh well.

    And so the search begins, and we begin going around the city looking. One day I my car to go get gas at the local gas station, and I go inside to get a snack or something. When I enter, I immediately see something that is out of place. There is a closed laptop laying down on the ground in the middle of the place.

    I walk over and I pick up the laptop and open it. On the inside there is paper covering over the keys and screen, as if it's a new laptop(even though laptops don't have that IRL). I close the laptop and look around to see if anyone is looking at me. No one is, so I tuck the laptop under my arm and walk out to my car. I sit down and open it and remove the sticky paper covering and turn the laptop. I really do need a new laptop...so why not.

    At that moment I think about it, and realize something. That laptop was there for a reason...for me. The laptop home screen comes on now, and there is a picture of our friend in custody on the screen. Oh fuck! The background now changes to another picture of her in her ties. This was no doubt to have been a set up.

    One of my friends now gets into the car randomly. She is a girl with curly blonde hair who I don't know in real life. She asks about the laptop, and I show her the background. Now if I could make a side, I'd like to say how awesome ADA is, and the attention to detail it brings into your dreams. The reason I say this, is because the laptop actually goes to sleep after not being used for awhile.

    Anyway, I continue on and explain the pictures more. We recognize the location, and we decide to go and save our friend. The strange thing though is that this too seems like a set up. Perhaps a challenge to us to save our friend. He wants to see what we can do. Well then sir...challenge accepted!

    We gather all of our friends, and then some(we have some people I'm friends with IRL now). We drive through to city towards our location, and I suggest we rent guns for our mission, but I'm turned down. I don't recall the reason, but someone explains why we shouldn't. We stop in a quite ghetto-looking place and start walking around. One friend discovers some vents in the ground that could get us to the place we're looking for quicker. So, we all follow her and go down several different ventilation shafts. They're all dusty and gross too, especially the last one.

    I climb out of the last shaft and surface outside in the dark alleyway. Two friends are already there, and there is a stranger talking to them. I already find this to be very sketchy, and so I shout at the man. He turns and says something I don't recall and runs off.
    "You'd better run you fucking wigger!" I shout after him. LOL

    However, I now recognize who that "wigger" is as he runs down an alleyway. It was the God damned kidnapper! SHIT! I now call after my friends and then I run after the bastard. I quickly catch up with him in a small lit up room and I confront him. We have some dialogue I don't recall sadly, but the dialogue quickly turns into a full on fight. Me and him start going at it, and I'm actually winning, which surprises me. But things soon turn around into his own favor.

    The kidnapper now pulls out multiple different knives and begins to swing at me. He quickly manages to stab me several times with his arsenal of knives, and I actually feel pain, despite this being a dream. I could compare the pain to getting my tattoo IRL, so in other words, it really fucking hurt. He now draws out three blades between his fingers on both hands. I look up in pain, and I'm pissed.
    "Come on you pussy!" I taunt. "Fight me like a man you Wolverine look in' mother-fucker!"

    Surely enough, he comes at me and stabs me again, leaving the nearly ten blades in my body, and he runs off. As he runs away I can begin to hear the sound of police sirens, meaning he's gonna be screwed now! I muster up just enough strength, and I pull myself up to my feet and go outside. The sun has come up now, and the criminal is still at large.

    I look around and see nearly thirty dead police officers laying on the ground. Now if I can mention ADA's attention to detail again, I lost my glasses in the struggle, and now I actually have blurry vision because I have no glasses. That's a really cool realistic detail that resulted from ADA. Anyway, I see the kidnapper is making his way for the woods to escape now, but I won't let that happen.

    I now pull a Mosin-Nagant off of a dead officer...huh, weird weapon for a police officer to have. A WWII Soviet rifle...? Anyway, I lift up the rifle and aim, but my vision makes things a little difficult. More police now arrive and the scene, and I begin firing shots at the assailant. I miss every shot and then have to reload. I look around and pick up another magazine for the rifle and load it in. I look back and see that the police have captured him now. I'm glad they did, and I sigh in relief.

    My friends now gather around me, and they don't seem the least bit concerned about the almost ten knives in my body. One of them hands me glasses, and I put them on. I aim down the gun and I have precision again, so that's good. But I'm beginning to question reality, and I do a reality check. I plug my nose, and I'm breathing through it still. I'm still doubtful, so I look at my hands, and I have extra fingers. So I become lucid, and I hold my rifle. I explain the whole fight and everything to everyone, and then I go on my merry way.

    After that I just kind of explore around, not doing too much interesting sadly. I completely forget about the TOTM, and just explore around until I

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