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    1. The Banana Bank Robbery

      by , 08-15-2014 at 04:40 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      It's been awhile since I've had a lucid, but I broke my dryspell last night! It's been awhile since I've even had decent recall of my dreams. I recently got a job and I absolutely hate it with all my heart(I'm a cleaning bitch at a Chinese restaurant). It's put a lot of stress on my back and ever since I've had this job my recall has just taken a vacation pretty much. However over the past couple of days things have gotten better and I've recalled a few minor details from my details. Last night was a huge step for me. I recalled the full length of the dream, from my non-lucid beginning all the way until I woke up at an undisclosed time after attempting a TOTM. I don't know if I completed the task, but I'll leave that judgment up to OpheliaBlue I guess. Anyway...without further adeui I present my dream:

      I dream I'm hanging out around the backyard of my old house. Me and all of my best friends are having some sort of party, and everybody is having a great time. We're all spread out around the front yard, back yard and inside of the house having a great time. However there was a really strange difference about my backyard...there was a large baseball field in the back hard. Not like a MLB stadium, but like a field you'd see at a middle school or something. I can't recall if there was a game or not, but I think there was. Anyway, I was hanging out behind the fence placed behind home plate with my friends. Things suddenly took an interesting and somewhat comedic turn. My friend Logan and Frankie were standing by one another, and Logan began to approach her.
      "Hey Frankie." Logan began.
      "Uh, hey Logan." Frankie acknowledged.
      Logan then started to tense up and become very nervous. Frankie looked at him with her eyebrow raised.
      "You know how I broke up with Mia awhile ago right?" he asked.
      "Uh...yeah...why?" Frankie answered.
      "Well I was just...uh wondering...because I'm single now and all..." Logan takes a slight pause as he begins to shed tears. "I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?"
      Frankie now looked utterly shocked and somewhat weirded out at the same time. Logan was an emotional wreck now as tears began streaming down his face. Me and a couple other friends quickly began to walk away and leave the premises of this very awkward situation. All I can remember is seeing Frankie's very distraught face as she dealt with the very complicated situation.
      So as we left, my friends and I began walking down the street towards the intersection. I started thinking about things for a minute, and I then realized that I was dreaming, and became lucid. I immediately turned to my friends and informed them.
      "Guys, you know this is a dream right?" I said.
      "What're you talking about?" one of them asked.
      "Here look, I'll show you," I replied. "You see I can't get hurt in a dream." I then ran into the street and jumped in front of a car going about 25mph, and I was hit and thrown several feet away. I got up, completely unharmed and walked back to them, but they didn't seem to care too much. So they kept walking along, and I decided to try doing a RC just to be safe. I plugged my nose, and I was able to breathe through it. Then I looked at the fronts and backs of my hands, and my right hand had seven fingers. I freaked out for half of a second and flailed my hand around.
      I thought for a second of what to do, and I quickly remembered to try and do the task of the month. I was obviously obligated to try out my own task that was out in this month, and so it was my goal now to try and hold up a bank with a banana. I ascended into the air, and so did my friend Connor, which was really weird. I then flew across town to where I knew there was a bank in real life. I did find one, but the city looked much bigger and much more urban than it really is. I saw a Key Bank insignia in the distance, and I flew down to the entrance. I landed and made my way to the door. As I did so, I spawned a banana in my right hand, and I then hid it in my inner pocket of my jacket. I entered the bank, and I looked around. There was a bank vault to my far left, a cash register next to it, and a lot of people sitting down and eating meals. What the hell? Okay so I guess this place is a bank/restaurant. I decided to disregard how unorthodox that was, and I pulled out my banana. I looked across the room and saw my friend Michael and his girlfriend Kaitlyn eating in a booth, and our friend Fred was being a third wheel. Oh this was about to get really interesting.
      "Alright everyone listen up!" I shouted. "This is a robbery! Everyone get down on the ground now, and don't try anything and no one will get hurt!"
      People began panicking and they all got down on the floor as I instructed. I was surprised they listened when I only had a banana as a weapon. I now took my banana and walked down to the cash register and vault, and I noticed some people were trying to get up.
      "Hey! I said don't get up or I'll kill you!" I shouted. No one was listening, and I repeated myself a couple more times.
      To that, everybody complied and stayed on the ground. I pointed the banana at the girl at the register and told her the usual deal, and she began removing money. Suddenly, I felt my banana be pulled out of my hand. I turned around to see Fred holding the banana, and he then began to peel it. At the same time, Michael came and tried to attack me, but I knocked him over. God damn it all, now I've gotta handle my own friends. I didn't want this to happen. His girlfriend tried to help but I pushed her back and tried to think of what to do with Michael. So, I grabbed a hot dog from the nearest table and shoved it in Michael's mouth and forced him to choke on it. I then turned and saw Fred eating the banana, and I got pissed. I lunged at him and brought him to the floor. I took the rest of the banana and forced it down his throat so he would choke on that. I got up and returned to the register, where several thousand dollars were resting on the stand, and I prepared to take it all. Suddenly, Fred got up and smiled at me. He then pulled some sort of fucking God power voodoo magic shit and everything changed. I saw Fred standing in front of me smiling from ear to ear, and everyone in the room was calm. I saw the money was still on the desk, and I put my hand on it. Fred made me stop, and he made me look around the room. Around the room everyone was holding assault rifles, and I noticed I had one strapped to me too. I may have had one myself, but I was severely outgunned right now. Knowing I had been defeated, I immediately left the bank/restaurant and started walking down the concrete path. I saw more of my friends and other random DCs down a large staircase, and I became curious. I held my rifle, a SCAR-H, and I fired off a few shots. One hit my friend in the knee on accident, but he wasn't bleeding. I quickly realized it was only an airsoft gun...I had definitely been fooled back there. Holy shit. I don't quite recall what happened after that, but I don't think I did much more before I
    2. Visiting Another Planet

      by , 07-23-2014 at 06:26 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Blue: Non-Lucid
      Bold: Lucid
      Black: Awake

      This is a dream where I did the advanced task of the month by going to another planet. This dream was extremely vivid though so I can't recall very many of the small details. It's all a blur to me, but I still remember the main details.

      I am standing in the middle of a city, but I don't recall what I was doing exactly. As I'm standing there I realize that I'm dreaming. I immediately think about how I should partake in doing one of the tasks of the month, and I decide to retry the planet task. I see a friend is with me, so I ask him to join me. We both jump up into the air and start to fly. I stop for a moment and I send extra below myself to accelerate my speed further, and I begin to rocket into the sky. It only takes about thirty seconds and then we're in outer space. Me and the stranger(I guess he was my friend in the dream but I don't know him IRL) begin to fly across space very quickly and spot some planets. I turn around and see the Earth, and it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a dream. I turn back and fly off towards the planets. There is one that looks similar to Earth, with large continents and huge bodies of water. My friend suggests we visit this planet, but I don't agree and fly to another planet not far behind it. The planet is an interesting blue color with a blue aura surrounding it.

      I begin to descend down to the planet, and my friend follows behind me. We land on the surface and take a look around. There are many odd plants and trees on the ground that don't exist on Earth, and a few critters. I look ahead and spot a oddly-designed house and two very small blue people(they looked nothing like Smurfs trust me). They are wearing strange yellow jackets and hats, and tan cargo pants. They are definitely intelligent life forms. Suddenly, they both come rushing at my friend and I. One jumps up and bites my left arm, and I knock it off of myself. My friend and I say we are friendly, and they suddenly become calm. They have us follow them into their house, and we look around. It seems like any normal Earth home on the inside. I quickly become bored of the place and I decide to go travel around. As I'm about to walk out I see two human-looking women in the house, and it turns out they are the women of the planet. Let me tell you, the women of this planet looked pretty attractive. They now lead my friend and I to a closed door, and we both walk in. There are around ten people inside who all looked scared and very malnourished. Just as I'm turning around to do something about it the door slams shut, and I hear it clink. I pull on the handle desperately, but it doesn't budge. I turn back and look around the room, and I realize these people are all humans from Earth. It's my mission to save them now, because I'm a good guy. Maybe they are just figments of my imagination created by the faces of strangers I've seen, but I won't let anyone think they're powerful enough to overcome me in my own dream. I step up to the door and clench my fist. (The following conversation is a rough memory so the dialogue isn't verbatim).
      "Do you really think you can break that door down?" one of the prisoners asks.
      "Yeah, I've got the power to do that." I reply. I then punch the door full force, but nothing happens.
      "That worked really well." the prisoner said.
      "Hey sorry! My powers take a lot of faith to work. I wasn't ready!" I snap back. "Now everyone move out of the way, I've got a better idea!"
      All the prisoners move clear of my path, and I cup my hands. I decide to pull of something I haven't done in awhile: a good old Kamehameha. Just as I cup my hands the door swings open with the homeowners at the door. Everyone suddenly rushes through the door and tramples the little blue man under their feet as they flood out. I run out and see the other blue guy coming to attack, and I summon and handgun behind my back and pull it out. I shoot the blue man, and blue blood spurts out of his chest. Looks like some justice has been served here today. I decide to leave and go do something else now, but as I'm doing so I
    3. Flying Around and Basic TOTM

      by , 07-16-2014 at 05:50 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Blue: Dream
      Bold: Lucid
      Black: Awake

      In this dream I only remember the lucid part and a little bit before the latter. I had it in the middle of the night and woke up. I assumed I'd remember the preceding details and returned to sleep, but I forgot them. Luckily, I've got a second dream I can post that I recall still, though it wasn't lucid.

      I dream I'm walking around outside at midday. I see a lovely palm tree sitting nearby, and I suddenly feel like I have to pee. So I walk over past the tree and unzip my shorts and pee. As I'm peeing, a couple girls and one guy I know are coming from behind. One of them says something, however I don't recall what. It's at this time I become lucid mid-piss. I zip up my pants, knowing I don't actually have to piss. I turn to my friends and inform them that we should fly around. They seem completely alright with what I just suggested. Most DCs would be a little weirded out by that. So obliging my idea, we all jump up in the air and begin flying around. I take the lead, and I am flying at lightning fast speeds. It was pretty damn fun. Eventually we stop and land on the road. There is a car nearby and my friends get in the car. As they're doing so, I recall the Task of the Month. We're all so interested in flying, so I know which one to do immediately.
      "Hey guys, we should fly to another planet!" I suggest.
      "No, let's go do something else. Come on, get in!" my friend replies.
      We argue about it for a minute, and I get frustrated. So I decide to do a different task, the nudity task. So I pull all of my clothes off and began dancing around. My friends are quite disgusted, and they're freaking out now. I then proceed to jump in the car and dance around, and they're all very disgusted. This goes on until I
      awake unintentionally.
    4. Urban Shootout and Failed Task of the Month

      by , 07-07-2014 at 02:38 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I literally just woke up from this dream, so there's no better time to journal it than now! This was another dream of mine where a Shootout occurs, which is a common thing for some reason, and I become lucid and fail to complete the task.

      I dream I am in the inner city. There is a massive battle taking place, gunfire being exchanged all over the place. I am a part of the battle, dressed from head to toe in gear. I have a SCAR-H in my hands, and a Desert Eagle in a holster as backup. My team is deployed right into the heat, and shots are fired as soon as we hit ground. I return fire alongside my teammates, taking down several insurgents right away. We couldn't have been dropped in a worse spot than we were. The fight rages on, and my team is struggling to get anywhere. We are stuck in the spot we've been deployed, pinned down by excessive enemy fire. My teammates are starting to go down all around me, and I decide it's time to get aggressive. I run out from my cover now and sprint towards another thing of cover. I shoot someone along the way. I continue doing this, running out and risking my life to take out as many enemies as possible. Soon my SCAR-H runs out of ammo, and I pull out my Desert Eagle. I look around and realize I've run too far ahead of my team, and I'm mixed in with the enemies now. Enemies are all around me, and they're converging on my position. Some of them unknowingly run past me, unaware of my presence. So I shoot them down and move along to try and stay hidden. This intense game of cat and mouse continues until I realize I've only got three more bullets left in my Deagle. There seems to be a distinct lack of gunfire now, so I think it's safe to move. I walk out of my cover and begin scouting around the area for ammo that I can use in my guns. I come across a crater near where my team deployed, and there's a white van sitting halfway in the crater. Two more soldiers are passing by, and I kill them. I look around more, and I see that I'm the only one left standing. All of my teammates are dead now. I scan the area some more, and I run across an ammo box. I load up both of my guns and prepare to head out again. I start jogging towards an alleyway in the decimated city and see a couple more insurgents coming. I aim and shoot them quickly before they can return fire. I continue to walk cautiously, and I take a detour through a destroyed building. I look at the contents on a table in the building, a few useless items and a video game(I think it was Bioshock if my memory serves me right). I set the disc down after observing it and I start walking up the stairs nearby. As I'm walking up the stairs I begun to question everything that's going on, and I plug my nose shut. I try to breathe, and air is flowing in and out of my nostrils. I become lucid, and immediately drop everything. I know I need to do the task of the month now. I go back downstairs and stand at the door. I decide to get naked(this is a part of a task, trust me). It'll be easy to get this part out of the way so I can mix it into the other tasks. I pull off all of my gear and then pull down my pants and boxers. After I do so, I do the hand check, being absolutely sure this isn't a dream before I do something like this. I look at my hands, and I think it was my right hand, not sure, but there was a very small and thin nub in between a couple of my fingers. I'm freaked out by this and shake my hand in a disgusted way. I then proceed to pull my shirt over my head, and because I closed my eyes I awoke. God damn it. I can't close or cover my eyes in lucids or I'll wake up.

      Game plan next time: Rip the shirt off.
    5. Short Lucid and TOTM Completion

      by , 05-10-2014 at 02:53 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I don't recall too much from this dream, but I don't remember most of the lucid part.

      The dreams starts with me coming into a grocery store of some sort. My friends and are just roaming around the store, and not much happens. I recall sitting down somewhere, and as I'm sitting I realize that I'm dreaming. I get up and start to walk around the store some more. I take in all the scenery, and I'm glad to see ADA is still making my dreams look and feel a lot more realistic. I now scratch the back of my head, and I can feel my hair rustle between my fingers. I start thinking about what I should do, and then I remember there is the TOTM to do. As I'm walking I desperately try to remember what the tasks are. I think for a good minute, and then I finally remember the ones I had my eye on. I need to do tequila shots, perform a song, and use the force. I figure using the force will be a good start, so I walk over to one of my friends and attempt to force choke him, but it doesn't work. I see my other coming up to me, and I thrust my hand out towards him, and I manage to force push him across the room. One down, two more to go. I decide the best idea would be to perform a song. To my convenience, there's a stereo set up nearby with a laptop hooked up to it, and there's a microphone near it. This will be easy, so I walk over. The stereos are blasting some song I don't remember, and there is a crowd of people listening. There's my audience I guess. I walk over to the laptop and put my own song into the search engine. I type in "Motorcycle Drive By" which is a song by Third Eye Blind. I find the the video and open it, and then I pause it. The people running the stereo don't seem to like my idea of just taking over everything at my own discrepancy, but like I give a damn. I'm the only real one here! I tell them to play the song when I get the microphone, and then I'll sing it. The continue to argue with me about the stereo, and I fight them back over it. And then
      my Dad awakes me.
    6. Two Short Lucids and Old TOTM

      by , 05-03-2014 at 02:38 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hey DV. I had two lucids in a single night a few days ago, I've just been to busy to post about them. I can't recall much from them, but I will say I'm glad because I had four lucids in one month, which is three more than I usually have. But all I can remember is flying in the first dream, and in the second dream I remember pulling an April Fools joke for the TOTM. I'm hoping my recall will get better, as well as my ability to stay asleep longer for longer lucids.
    7. Worst Bank Robbers Ever/Completed 1 TOTM

      by , 03-20-2014 at 03:19 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Had another lucid! That's two for March, which is getting my hopes up for the future since I've been absolutely unsuccessful at lucid dreaming since my return in June. So hopefully I can keep the consistency alive!

      The dream starts with myself and my friend Robert. We are in the process of robbing a bank together. I don't recall the actual hold up very well, but after we take the money the authorities show up to thwart our devious plans. However Rob and I take extreme actions and I believe we kill one of two cops in an attempt to escape the bank.

      We successfully escape the bank and rush out into the parking lot. The cops are showering Rob and I with bullets, but luckily their aim sucks. I tell Rob that we'll never get to the getaway car at this rate. So, we take another extreme act of insurgency and get into a police car that is unguarded and drive off. The cops continue firing at us as we drive off, but their terrible aim allows us to get away unscathed.

      I toss the money into the back as Rob drives the cop car away. As we're driving off I soon take notice that Rob is doing the speed limit of what I think was 35. I look at Rob cock-eyed and wonder what the hell he's doing.
      "Rob, what the hell are you doing?" I say.
      "Gotta go the speed limit dude." Rob replies.
      "We just robbed a fucking bank!" I exclaim. "We're already going to jail if we get pulled over! Just go over the speed limit!"
      "But they don't have the make on this car yet." Rob argues.
      "What the fuck are you talking about?!" I snap. "We stole a fucking police car! They'll know who we are in a single glance!"
      "Whatever man," Rob says. "Still gotta do the speed limit."
      I facepalm as Rob turns onto the freeway now and takes the on-ramp. We pick up the pace ever so slightly as the speed limit goes up to 55(just an FYI for anyone outside the US or UK, we use miles per hour, not kilometers, so 55 is actually considerably fast).

      We now exit the freeway just as the speed goes up to 65. I wished Rob had been driving that fast from the start, and now we'll probably end up on some dumb 25 road. Sure enough, we end up on a residential street(which are all usually 25 in America). And before we know it, the cops catch up to us and cut us off.

      Rob and I get out of the car with our hands up. The cops pull out their guns and aim at us, they're going to shoot! I begin to cower in fear as the officers prepare to fire, and I think about how I can let it end this way. That's when I become lucid by pure luck. I jump up high into the air and come back down, testing my power out a little bit. I go up to a police officer, thinking of the February task of the month, to pull your own heart out. I get the idea to try and pull his heart out, but I can't do it. I grab on and end pull it forward, but it won't come out. The officers all freak out from my clearly superhuman power and leave the scene quickly.

      Rob and I travel inside where I look around and think about the TOTM. I recall the middle name task and turn to random DC.
      "What's your middle name?" I ask.
      "Krejelt," (I think that's what she said, I recalled it this morning but I've forgotten now). "That's K-R-E-J-E-L-T."
      "Thanks." I say, and then I leave.

      Time to do two tasks in one dream! I remember I need to pinch someone who isn't wearing green. I begin searching around, only to discover that everyone is wearing green. What the fuck?! This isn't fair! I continue searching desperately for someone in green, and then I come across my friend Hannah who is sitting on a couch with what I think was a cast on her right leg. She isn't wearing any green, she's the perfect victim. Someone from behind says something before I can, and I turn to see who it is. It's my friend' solder brother Nick, and as I acknowledge him, I
      awake. NO!
    8. Nightmare(feat. Merle Dixon), and Task of the Month

      by , 01-13-2014 at 03:21 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I lack the recall of the events leading to this moment, but me and a group of people whom I don't recall but one are under attack. A group of hostile "survivors" I guess you could call them are searching for us. Me and a few from our group go and hide in the ruins of a destroyed building. An M1 Abrams tank drives by and soldiers walk by as well. I notice the insignia this group uses and it interests me a little. It's a crescent moon. However, my interests are soon interrupted when I think we are discovered(my recall is a little shaky on this part). Our group has been discovered by the enemy and they are feeding our group to these extremely devilish-like creatures. One is like a large black serpent sort of thing with gnashing teeth. The other is almost like a clam, but the size of a truck with huge eyes and sharp teeth. The creatures are devouring my group, whom for some reason Merle Dixon is a part of. Merle? I thought he died!!!

      Well that's beside the point, but anyway this is part of the dream is actually very frightening to me. I don't recall very well, but it was some point in time around this part of the dream in which I realize this is far too out of place and I become lucid. Okay, time to get the hell out of this place! I now fly off until I come to a town where I enter a grocery store. I fly around inside for awhile and I do a reality check because I just feel like doing one even though I'm lucid already. I plug my nose and breathe through it. I do this several times and then look at the backs of my hands. I notice my right ring finger is only half the normal length. I then look at my palms and I see my left hand is shaped the same as my right hand(the fingers are on the same sides). I now move along and land on the ground. I think about what to do and remember I can still do the task of the month. I walk up to the cash register where there's an African-American man who doesn't seem to be enjoying this job too much.
      "Excuse me sir," I begin. "What's the meaning of life? Shit...wrong question, disregard that one." "Uh...what is your New Years resolution?" The man now steps out from the counter and begins browsing items near the cash register. He turns to me and answers. I don't recall his answer 100%, so a lot of this is paraphrased.
      "There're only two things I try to do," he says. "Radio broadcasts and New Years resolutions, and I a suck at both of them. Though my voice is quite majestic."
      He continues rambling on for a few minutes and I'm thinking to myself about how I'm going to recall all of this quote to type it on Dream Views. I soon leave and I end up traveling on a snowy road. It is an unmarked and unplowed road with a frozen lake nearby it. I think about what I should do next, but I soon
      awake to my dog singing the song of his people downstairs.
    9. The Most Strange Series of Events...

      by , 01-08-2014 at 01:53 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      This dream was very different and random. There were several points of transition of which I don't recall, so none of the events can connect at all, but it was still an interesting series of events.

      The first dream I briefly recall being inside my grandparents' home. I believe I'm all alone here, that is until I begin investigating the area. I go upstairs and look around for awhile until coming across my grandma's room(which is in a different room than in real life), and I see she is sitting on her bed. I go in to see what she is doing and she informs me she is leaving to go somewhere. I say okay and she leaves. I'm very confused however, as she said she plans on driving, and she doesn't drive.

      I don't recall the transition, but the next part of the dream I find myself leaving a building with my family. They all enter the car with the exception of my brother and I and drive off. I'm very upset that they'd leave us here like this, so I pull out a MK3A1 Jackhammer automatic shotgun and fire off a full magazine at the car and then reload it.

      They don't come back, so I decide to do what is (not) best. I now aim the shotgun at an approaching car and the driver stops. A woman probably in her mid-twenties steps out with her hands up and runs away screaming. My brother and I get in and I strap in.
      "Don't tell Dad about this." I say.
      I rest my hand on the gear shift, ready to put the car into drive when I feel a sudden guilt. I tell my brother to get out of the car and we both exit. We begin to run off into the woods near by and come out into a large field. Near by there are some line trees and the street is about fifty yards away. I now hear a sound that would normally not affect me, but right now it is the last thing I want to hear: police sirens. My brother begins running towards the street without me and he runs into the cops immediately. I run to the pine trees to try and get away. The cops are coming from everywhere! There is no escape. I now notice a pine bush and I jump down and try to use it to hide. The dark sky will aid me since I'm wearing a black jacket as well. A few heavily armed policemen now walk by and search around, but to my surprise they cannot find me and move along. I take this opportunity and make a run for it. I find myself on a street under the lights. The road is empty minus a single woman who is standing topless in the road for some reason. Upon seeing me she puts her bra on. I'm hopelessly confused right now, I'm not sure when exactly, but around this time I become lucid. A man now comes by and he begins to have sex with the woman. Feeling slightly uncomfortable I move on and think about what I should do, and then I remember the task of the month. I need to go somewhere I shouldn't be while being invisible. I find a door in the middle of the road. It seems like a pointless door, but I can make it a portal. I now snap my finger and attempt to look at myself. There is only a very thin black outline of myself. I go through the door where there are many women and one man, and they all begin to talk about taking their clothes off. Oh God, yeah I'm definitely out of place. I now walk into the middle of where they're all sitting and they manage to notice me. I see I'm now visible again and I run back outside. I don't recall much more afterwards until I
    10. Interesting Events, Driving Problems, and TOTM Basic

      by , 12-08-2013 at 05:09 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      There isn't a lot from the non-lucid parts of my dream that I can recall. I do recall that there were many dreams in between sleep and waking up last night. The earliest I can recall is going to my weekly Saturday Bible study. Afterwords I could not find a ride home, because everyone had left me there before I could ask. I then believe I began looking for my Dad's tan Buick Century, after discovering the keys were in my pocket the whole time. I check the front and back lots of the hall desperately but can't seem to find the car. It is too dark to see, so I check again, taking a friend along with me this time. We still cannot find the car, so I can only assume that it was stolen. I don't recall how the next part happens, but I end up flying an AH-6J Little Bird helicopter and firing the mini guns. The next fragment I can recall is being outside of a building in a nice looking field. My Dad and his girlfriend are there, and his GF excitedly tells me about how Ohio State won their game against Michigan State(which is funny, because when I woke up I found out they actually lost). I am slightly disappointed about this, but continue on. I then recall my friends and I have gathered together and assembled a team. We have swords and armor ready as we prepare to fight a large monster. This is out back of the building I was at in the previous fragment. We stir the ground to awaken the monster, which is a massive cartoon blob who is all white with massive spiked teeth and red eyes. It was a lot more horrifying when I was actually in the dream. Especially because he begin trying to jump on us and kill us the whole time. I then recall being underground fighting him in a human state. Only we are all throwing arrows at him. No no, don't use the swords, don't use bows either, let's throw arrows at him. He seems unharmed, even though he has about twenty arrows in him now. If I recall correctly, he then tries befriending us, and shows me his candy collection(LOL). I tell him I favor the sour gummy worms he has, and I ask him to deliver some to me. The dream then goes inside the building I was outside of for so long. It's a pretty nice looking place too. Mostly white walls in the inside. My family is all there, most notably my little brother who I talk to for a moment, but I don't recall out conversation. I then go into the kitchen and check our cupboard, where I notice there are sour gummy worms. This pleases me, knowing the friendly monster has provided this for me. I go outside now, where my friend is waiting. She is wearing badass medieval armor and I think someone is following behind her talking to her. She has a medieval clown mask on his shoulder, which is talking to her as well. The mask now falls off and slides down the snowy hillside. I run to see where it went, and the three of us look over the drop for it. I decide to now slide down the hillside, which is extremely steep. I have an actual nervous feeling as I go down, but I do make the drop with no harm done. My friends follow behind me and we search for the mask. We finally find the mask, who has moved itself up against a large tree, kind of like the one from Harry Potter. The mask now possess the tree and begins moving it around like the tree from Harry Potter. This greatly intrigues me.

      The next part to this is a completely different dream I believe. I am over at a friend's but I'm leaving now. I'm not sure who it was exactly, but I offer to take home several friends who were also there. My friend Matt sits shotgun, and the only other friend I recall being in the car is my friend Hannah, but I'm positive the others were also real life friends. For some reason the driver's seat is on the right side of the car(I live in America, where it is on the left). I now start the car and back out, I try turning and driving but the car goes into the neighbors yard. The steering whelk wouldn't turn for some reason. My friend Matt tries taking over but I tell him I can handle it. I now turn up the sensitivity of the steering wheel because it was too low(what...?). After I've done this I begin to drive again. I stop at the end of the street and turn the corner. I realize something and pull over. I now out my seatbelt on and continue to drive. After awhile we make our way into another neighborhood, and the speed limit suddenly jumps from 35 to 55. I accelerate to the speed limit nervously(I don't like driving fast, I know I'm weird). We continue down the road until I see something. A three year old baby boy is playing in the middle of the road! I now slam on the brakes and swerve around the baby, missing it by inches. Who in their right mind let their fucking baby play in the middle of the fucking road unattended? Especially on a fucking 55mph road! With my nerves cracking we continue down the road. We now see several people dancing to their radio in the middle of the road. Seriously?! I now swerve out of the way of the people and knock out a Speed Limit 55 sign in the process. We now continue down the road as I'm about to have a heart attack from all of this bullshit. We then spot a truck which is stopped in the middle of the road. I panic and swerve out of the way again. This time the road comes to an end, and there is water. We all ditch as the car sails off the bridge into the ocean. Strange, because I live nowhere near an ocean. We somehow get the car back, and I drive alone this time. A cop now lights up behind me, and I pull over. However, I hit about two or three parked cars in the process and do a barrel roll in the process. Landing on all fours, the car finally stops. The cop is now walking over to me until he notices the car is on fire. I get out quickly and run into the gas station nearby. The cop tries to stop me and follows me in. Several people in the gas station draw guns and point at the cop. As I hide behind a store shelf I look up to hear the cop talking to them. Everything then goes black as I hear gunshots ring out. I awake in the near future where my apparent mentor is speaking to me. I have apparently become a very powerful emperor or something of that matter. This is all beginning to get way too strange to me. I then realize that I'm dreaming. I leave the building I'm in and begin walking around. I wonder what to do, when I remember there's the task of the month. I think one of them is to ask someone for a present and record their reaction. I go into a convenience store and look around. I see a man in one aisle with really curly hair and a beard.
      "Excuse me sir," I say. "May I have a gift?" He looks at me now and smiles.
      "Of course!" he replies. He then grabs a pack of Starbursts candy and leaves. I follow him and he goes to the check out. He buys his own candy and drink and then grabs his bag. He then looks at me and smiles.
      "Haha! Now you have to pay for this!" he says evilly. He grabs the Starbursts package and throws it at me, and it bounces off of me. He then runs out of the store and I stand there in shock, trying to process what happened. I plan to go kick his ass, but I then
    11. Shit Everywhere, Deer Attack, and Possible TOTM Success

      by , 12-03-2013 at 11:18 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Okay so this one wasn't too clear to me, but it still was a pretty interesting dream. It is also pretty short because i had this dream around 4:30 and woke up at 5:30. So I start off coming home from school or something, and I'm at my old house for some reason. I come inside to see my dog waiting in his cage as he does everyday, only like I said this is in my old house. This is the third dream in less than a week I've dreamed myself there for some reason. Any insight on that? Anyway, I come inside and I see my dog has absolutely covered his entire cage floor in shit! I scowl at the awful smell and scenery emanating from his cage. I guess I gotta clean that all up now...fuck that. I now disregard he's even there and go to my room. I also notice my lizard's cage is sat next to my dog's, and it is also filled with piles on piles of shit. I quickly go to my room where I wait for awhile. My Dad soon gets home and comes in to witness the terror within our pets' cage. In all of his rage, he punishes me by making me stand outside, where it has become very dark now. I'm standing out on the back patio, and everything about our old house isn't altered according to the dream, even the motion-detecting light on our garage was working. It was the only light I had to give me some vision at the given time. I now see a couple of bunnies hopping around my yard. For some reason I am somewhat frightened of them. I pretend to have my dog on a leash with me, and extend my arm out in a very pitiful attempt to scare them off. A buck now comes walking into my yard. I freak out even more and cower back in fear. The little buck walks up to me and he observes me closely. His parents now come walking out from the darkness and instruct their son to walk away. The buck prances away and his parents walk up to me. They both stand on either side of me, staring me straight in the face. I stay still in a petrified way. They then begin to lick my face as if in a friendly way. I'm being way too freaked out now, and I remember that loud noises will scare deer away. I now begin weakly yelling, almost as if I can't at all. The two deer start biting my face until I am suddenly awake in the bed of my old house. The bed and the room look different, something the dream finally distorted. I get out of bed and proceed back outside where it is still dark. Was it all a dream I was having? Outside, several of my friends and a couple of people I know from school are there just hanging out. Most notably is my friend Corey(you'll see why in a second here). I now realize that I'm clearly dreaming. I walk out into the yard and I begin flying into the air. I fly so high that I can see the constellations in space as well as space clouds(I forget the technical term for them). It looks absolutely beautiful. I take in the scenery for a moment as I contemplate what I will do now that I'm lucid. I recall the task of the month, and I struggle to remember them. I now remember the one where you have to turn into some type of wolf and devour someone. However, I forgot the specific wolf in the dream. I now rocket down into my yard and shapeshift into a wolf and rush at my friends. I know that's a little douchy, but they're all just my mind's depictions of them so fuck it. They all quickly go to move out of the way as I lunge out. The first person I catch is poor Corey. I tackle him to the grass and I begin to devour my poor friend. Strangely, he doesn't seem the least bit affected or in pain whatsoever. He seems to be enjoying it for some reason. Without questioning my subconscious any longer, I continue to eat him and we even have a small conversation. I don't recall any of the dialogue however. And even weirder, my friends return to what they were doing as if I wasn't even murdering my poor friend. I continue on my quest to eat him, and I've about finished his legs, but I awake before I can completely finish. I look at my phone which reads 5:29, one minute before my alarm is supposed to go off. And it ends up going off as I check the time.
    12. Scaring a Baby...10/2/13

      by , 10-04-2013 at 03:04 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hey DV! I've broken my dry spell finally, which lasted exactly one month! Unfortunately, my recall is shot to shit in the recent weeks. I did however manage to remember a small portion of my lucid from last night in which I completed the basic task of the month. I would type more and in color but it'd real only be like a paragraph. But basically I became lucid by checking my watch twice, and then thought of what to do. Then I remembered the scare a little kid task. So I walked around and then saw a little boy and girl sitting with a baby. So what I did was I shouted "Blah!" like a monster or something. The baby immediately began crying and the two kids were somewhat shocked, then they left. Sadly, that's all I can really recall, so hopefully tonight I'll have better recall...and another lucid!!!
    13. Two Choices and Banana Bank Robbery (8/20/13)

      by , 08-20-2013 at 02:31 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I dream I'm at this girl's house(though it highly resembles someone else's house who I know). She is very sick and it would appear her younger sister can't take care of her. Now this girl IRL is literally like the nicest girl I know....but this dream has a twist. So I notice how sick she has become. Her voice is very weak, she's pale, and she can't even walk anymore. So I decide I should help her out.
      "Is there anything I can get for you?" I ask. She says yes and mentions a special type of medicine and points across the kitchen to some cabinets. This is where she starts to turn. I make my way over and begin searching. She didn't give me a specific cabinet to search. Now she appears to be getting frustrated with me and begins to snap at me. She's trying to direct me to the right cabinet but I can't hear her. She's angry enough now so I really don't want to tell her to speak up.
      "Geez I should just get it myself!!!" she snaps. I feel really frustrated now as I finally find the medicine she demands. I bring it to her and then leave her, not wanting to stay around any longer. The dream soon fades...now either I woke up or transitioned I don't remember...

      I now dream I am somewhere I can't recall but I'm hanging out with my church friends. We're all having a good time partying and whatnot, and everything seems normal. Now, things take a twists, and my brain decides to toy with me. Two girls I know come up to me and both admit they like me. I stand there now in shock, and wonder what I'm going to say.
      "Let me get back to you on that..." I say. I then quickly flee the scene and try to find one of my guy friends. I find my friend Joey, who's talking to our friend Hannah in private, but it doesn't seem all that private. I now ask my friend for some advice and he tells me I should go with the girl I like more. The thing is though IRL that'd be a REALLY hard decision. Both of them are nice, good looking, spirited, spiritual...it'd be a mess!!! I finally have my decision in mind, as I go to "sleep" for the night. I "awake" and I hear my friends and music. I look around my room and discover a portal on my floor. I try entering, but it puts me back in bed a few times, then sometimes everything goes black when I jump in. Finally I make it in, and see everyone in swimming wear(trunks, bikinis, etc.) in a solid two or three feet of water dancing with dance lights and music. Now I'd actually be up for trying that in real life. Now things get awkward when the two girls come up to me in their swimsuits and ask if I've made a decision yet. I ask for a minute before being tackled by another girl I know into the water. I finally break free and resurface. The two girls are waiting patiently and I wait out as long as possible. But right there and then I
      become lucid! Well time to get out of here! As I begin to leave my friend Matt stops me.
      "Aren't you going to tell them who you like better?" he asks. I now respond with a witty reply.
      "I'll just tell them in real life," I say, walking off. My friend looks absolutely dumbstruck now, with no way of comprehending that. I now make my way towards the exit door and remember I have to do the TOTM!!! I try to remember them, but can only remember one of them. I go over to some DCs and see my friend Jonathan.
      "What's up man?" he says.
      "Hey, what's the meaning of life?" I ask. He now responds but I don't hear his reply too well.
      "What?" I ask.
      "Poo." he says, giggling. I now walk away, dumbstruck as Matt was and head to the exit door. I now remember my other task, which is a personal one--rob a bank using only a banana. The exit door has a fully dressed man standing in the water waiting. As I walk up to the door he speaks.
      "This is a bank," he says, gesturing to the door. I acknowledge him and walk inside. I now pull a ripe yellow banana from my pocket and lift it up.
      "THIS IS A HOLDUP! EVERYONE ON THE GROUND!" I shout. No one moves however. I see a security guard pull out a real gun now and I point the fruit at him menacingly.
      "Drop the gun or I'll blow your fucking brains out!!!" I snap. The officer now outs his weapon down and everyone drops to the floor. A man answers the phone, and I make him hang up, threatening him with my banana. I now walk around and explain.
      "Now, I know this make look like an ordinary banana," I begin. "But this, is in fact, a very lethal weapon!!!"
      And then I awake. I am upset I didn't finish the robbery, but at least it was working. And I completed the TOTM. Then I wallow in silence when I realize the whole choosing a girl thing was a figment of my imagination. Damn you brain!!!
    14. Hugging Gone Wrong...7/30/13

      by , 08-08-2013 at 02:40 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Fuck my new format I'm lazy. I'll just make it easy on myself.


      I find myself amongst many classmates in someone's living room. The living room turns out to be my English teacher's house from this past year(I've never actually been to it or in it IRL). He is teaching us very angrily about something no one could give a damn about. He finally gives up and just makes us watch a movie. After class is over, everyone rushes to leave the creepy rundown home and get to our own homes. I leave through the garage as the door opens and the teacher's wife pulls into the garage after me. I go outside to see a very urban city setting(I live in a suburb IRL). I see many of people out and about as I begin to make my way home. But then, I do ADA and I become lucid! I turn around and a woman with half a face walks past me. Kinda creeped out now, I continue walking and contemplating what I should do. I now decide to do the hug a DC TOTM. I realize when I wake up it will be August, so there's no point really, but I still would like to try it. So I now walk over to the nearest DC and give her a big hug. She now begins to squirm and struggle to break free. I try hold the hug, when suddenly we are now both naked.

      Anyone can guess what might've happened next, but I was doomed to soon
    15. Shootout, Time Change and Punching Kim Jong Uen

      by , 07-09-2013 at 02:06 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      There is a massive shoot out going on. I am carrying a MTAR-21 Carbine in the gunfight. Our team is pushing through the streets and we push the enemy back into a building. I move into the building and sneak up stairs to a window. I jump down two stories and am now behind the enemy. I rush in the back doors and see the last enemies. I unload bullets onto them and kill them. However a few escape. My team and I begin to pursue. We rush downstairs after the enemies and then outside. When we arrive outside they're gone. But we see a wall behind us in which would be hard to climb, so we assume they moved up road. There's a bus waiting and we forcibly board it. I sit down in the back and my teammates sit up front. As we wait for the bus to move we get a sudden shocking surprise. A bomb now goes off on the bus! The two remaining enemies rigged it! After the shock of the explosion, I realize that I'm still alive. The bus is in flames and I'm still on board. I quickly rush to the doors of the bus through the smoke and flames and exit. I'm horribly shocked right now from the explosion. I notice an unaware enemy soldier running away. I rush after him and quickly grab him and I handcuff him. My gun was lost in the explosion. I now take a moment to catch my breath as I celebrate from catching the terrorist. My celebration doesn't last long however, when the suspect breaks his cuffs off and runs away. The other missing enemy soldier soon jumps out and follows him. They climb over the wall and flip me off as they do so. Rather than chase them, I simply return with a double bird flip as they climb over to safety.

      The dream transitions into another city night scene. I would spend twenty minutes typing up what all happened but the whole dream was literally me fucking walking. Near the end of my walk, I'm coming up a hill towards home. I notice the most peculiar clouds in the sky. They're red clouds in the night. I walk up the sidewalk and I realize I have no shoes all of a sudden. Home is still a good five minute walk away and I'm exhausted. But I'm not getting getting home just standing around I guess. I continue to walk, intrigued by the red clouds. I soon realize the sun is coming up. It's about dawn, and I realize if I'm not home before my Dad gets up I'm screwed. I finally reach my neighborhood which seems extremely different from what my dream self remembers(it's nothing like real life as normal, but my non-lucid self sees it as different from earlier in the dream). I see a lake, construction, and many new houses. I walk around until I see my Dad. My Dad looks at me in shock, as if he's seen a ghost. He's utterly shocked to see me. He now explains how he hasn't seen my in 20(I think) years. I'm really weirded out, and my Dad tells me to go home and see my Mother. I'm confused, because my Mom and Dad are divorced, but I go with it. I walk to my apparently new house I've never seen before and enter. Even though it's been twenty years I appear to not have aged a day. I think I've warped forward in time. I for some reason have left no future self behind. If you think about it, that would make sense. If you remove yourself from time, you shouldn't be in another. But anyway, I walk in and explain to my Mom that it's me, her son. She is shocked as well. She explains to me about how strict the government has been. She was taken away from her new husband and forced to be with my Dad, and my brothers forced to move out on their own. It's all very strange. I now decide to go upstairs. I enter a bedroom, supposedly my parents'. I see one small bed, windows, and whatnot. I see an alarm clock with red numbers. I now feel very very weird, and I contemplate a reality check, but I instead smile
      as I become lucid. I turn around and head downstairs. My Mom is coming up the stairs in tears, rambling and rambling on. "Mom, calm down this is a dream!" I say, trying to experiment reactions. My Mother seems to not have heard me. "Mom, calm down this is just a dream!" My Mom now becomes serious-faced and looks at me. She shapes her fingers into a pretend gun and points it at me.
      "I'll kill you," she says coldly. I now ignore her and walk outside of the house. I see my Dad walking back up the yard.
      "Alright then son, stay out of my fucking house," he says calmly with a warm smile as if it's a good thing.
      I now walk down the sidewalk and I remember I have the TOTM to do! Which one do I do first though? I can fly over to the lake and write my name in the sand, but decide to do so later. I now decide to punch a leader first. I imagine Kim Jong Uen is coming down the street. I look around through a crowd of people and see Kim, his dad, and a body guard or two. I say hi and walk up to him. He looks frightened and runs away. His dad and guards seem to not be shocked. His dad shots to him to return. I instead rush after Kim at high speed, quickly catching up and grabbing him. He struggles as I pull on him.
      "Come on Kim!" I say. "The media will love this!"
      Kim now rips his suit jacket off and begins to run towards the lake. I notice night is already coming, and people are gathering by the lake for something. Kim is running for the tall grass in the shallow end of the lake. I rush again and catch him again. I pull us both to the ground as I notice the people are watching a movie trailer for a live action South Park movie. Really odd and out of place the future is I think as I look back to Kim.
      "Take this!" I shout, and I slug him in the face. He shouts in pain, and his body guards are now running towards me, as well as his dad. I run past them them and turn around to face them. I spawn a firework rocket in my hand and I eat it. As I prepare to fire it
      I awake.
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