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    Task of the Year is Completed!...11/21/11

    by , 11-23-2011 at 05:53 PM (554 Views)
    I am so happy to have completed all 12 tasks of the year! I feel proud of myself!

    I dream I am at my old house. There are many people here. Most of whom I don't know. I'm not entirely sure what we were doing either. After awhile though, there was an explosion. We all look off in the distance, and we see a mushroom cloud. What the fuck? Soon, there is another explosion. A much larger mushroom cloud spawns. I spot the smoke from it coming towards us. We all cover our mouths, close our eyes, and take cover. The smoke blows over us. We all take some time to recover now. There is now a third explosion. I'm beginning to notice how bizarre the situation is. I now become lucid! I now immediately remember I have to finish the TOTY. But this whole missile thing might cause a problem. I now develop a good idea. I now jump up, and I now fly off in the direction of the fading mushroom cloud. I now land at the position of the explosion. There was a large group of people there, setting explosives. They were setting them on the Ark of the Covenant! Before they set any more, I jump in and stop them. I go over and simply open the Ark with my two hands. Simpletons. The Ark now starts shooting spiritual blasts everywhere. Everyone now jumps for cover. My dream now soon ends.

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