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    The Tornado

    by , 04-05-2011 at 01:09 AM (726 Views)
    I dreamed I was at my friend Zaine's house. Oddly, the house was more like a wooden lodge. Interesting. Zaine and I were watching TV. The house was really dim-lighted. It was really uncomfortable. I would've prefered it to have been dark. The house was nice though. Amazing furniture, antiques, wooden base, white walls. Pretty funny, cause Zaine's actual house isn't close to this nice. By the looks of it, we were the only two there. As we were watching TV, a warning came up. O wonder what about. We see that it's a weather warning. But, not an ordinary warning. A tornado warning. Aw, shit! Zaine and I know what to do. We get up quickly and head to the obvious safest area. The basement. We head downstairs, and wow. It's just as nice as the upstairs! So, Zaine and I head to the center of the basement. I'm guessing the center's safest. Outside, we can now hear rumbling thunder and winds. That's bad. It means that the tornado is getting closer! Aw, shit! The ground starts shaking. I swear it felt like a fuckin' earthquake was going on! The winds have really picked up now. It's sounds as loud as a fuckin' jet engine! The house is shaking even more now. Suddenly, Zaine flies up toward the ceiling. What the fuck?! He says the tornado is pulling him up. He tells me to let go and join him. Because it's "fun." When the hell was I holding on to anything? At that time, I start to float up too! It feels so cool! Holy shit, that's fun! We remain in the air for a few minutes. Finally, the tornado is gone. Then, we fall down. Ouch! That was one hell of a storm! Shit, it felt like we were defying gravity! Now, we decide to go upstairs and see the damage. When we arrive upstairs, it's like were hypothetically shitting our pants. The entire neighborhood is fuckin' demolished! Holy shit on a stick! Zaine and I meet up with sone other guys and talk. Zaine and I are bragging because we got to fly around. At about that same time, I awake.

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    Tags: flying, tornado


    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      Another fun dream to read.