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    Trapped In A Crazy House

    by , 04-14-2014 at 01:21 AM (267 Views)
    This was a piece of a longer dream I had last night that I don't remember all of. Enjoy!

    I dream that me, my Dad and my brothers have joined a young couple for dinner in their beautiful and expensive house. We've just come from a weapon dealership somewhere and we're planning a nice feast with this family. The woman of the couple is newly pregnant, so her stomach hasn't expanded, but the baby is a coming. My family is waiting in the living room patiently as the couple cooks dinner for us.

    I'm on my phone browsing around on Twitter when I come across some pictures. The pictures are pictures someone who was kidnapped took of the inside of, a house and put online. I looked at them and didn't think much of them, that was until I looked up to where my Dad sat. It was two logs sitting on the brick setting in front of a fire place. The same thing was in the picture. It must've been a coincidence. I looked at the second picture, a wooden ladder with some oddly shaped scratches in it. I turn and look at the wooden ladder behind me to see that exact thing. THESE PEOPLE ARE KIDNAPPING MURDERERS!

    I look back at my Dad, who asks me what's wrong. I tell him nothing, and I journey into the kitchen. The two are still making dinner, and I ask to look around the house kindly. The woman approves, so I begin to look a round. I check the entire basement and I search for the one thing I'll need: a gun. There isn't any downstairs, so I go back up and go to the second floor of the house(the first floor is only two rooms for some reason). Upstairs is the bathroom, guest room, and the baby's future room. I immediately rule out the baby's room and the bathroom, and I look around the guest room.

    I spend a good five minutes searching desperately through the guest room, which is completely trashed with things for the baby. Among the trash are airsoft guns. Wow, big fucking help. I leave the guest room when my brother calls me out. I inform him of the danger we're in and we start searching some more. We go into the bedroom and begin looking around. My older brother jumps on the bed and lies down. I get pissed with him because we're so close to death, and we need to find a damn gun! I know these people have one!

    That's the moment when it hits me: the gun must be under the bed! I inform my brother and I pull out my phone to use as a light. I tell him to keep watch for anyone coming, and I get down onto my stomach. Just as I do so, we get called to dinner, and the woman comes walking by. I stand up and she gestured us to go to the kitchen. Well fuck! I don't know to do, because of I go for the gun now I'll be screwed. And just as things begin to unravel I
    awake. Damn! It was getting so good too!

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    non-lucid , dream fragment