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    Two Choices and Banana Bank Robbery (8/20/13)

    by , 08-20-2013 at 02:31 PM (865 Views)
    I dream I'm at this girl's house(though it highly resembles someone else's house who I know). She is very sick and it would appear her younger sister can't take care of her. Now this girl IRL is literally like the nicest girl I know....but this dream has a twist. So I notice how sick she has become. Her voice is very weak, she's pale, and she can't even walk anymore. So I decide I should help her out.
    "Is there anything I can get for you?" I ask. She says yes and mentions a special type of medicine and points across the kitchen to some cabinets. This is where she starts to turn. I make my way over and begin searching. She didn't give me a specific cabinet to search. Now she appears to be getting frustrated with me and begins to snap at me. She's trying to direct me to the right cabinet but I can't hear her. She's angry enough now so I really don't want to tell her to speak up.
    "Geez I should just get it myself!!!" she snaps. I feel really frustrated now as I finally find the medicine she demands. I bring it to her and then leave her, not wanting to stay around any longer. The dream soon fades...now either I woke up or transitioned I don't remember...

    I now dream I am somewhere I can't recall but I'm hanging out with my church friends. We're all having a good time partying and whatnot, and everything seems normal. Now, things take a twists, and my brain decides to toy with me. Two girls I know come up to me and both admit they like me. I stand there now in shock, and wonder what I'm going to say.
    "Let me get back to you on that..." I say. I then quickly flee the scene and try to find one of my guy friends. I find my friend Joey, who's talking to our friend Hannah in private, but it doesn't seem all that private. I now ask my friend for some advice and he tells me I should go with the girl I like more. The thing is though IRL that'd be a REALLY hard decision. Both of them are nice, good looking, spirited, spiritual...it'd be a mess!!! I finally have my decision in mind, as I go to "sleep" for the night. I "awake" and I hear my friends and music. I look around my room and discover a portal on my floor. I try entering, but it puts me back in bed a few times, then sometimes everything goes black when I jump in. Finally I make it in, and see everyone in swimming wear(trunks, bikinis, etc.) in a solid two or three feet of water dancing with dance lights and music. Now I'd actually be up for trying that in real life. Now things get awkward when the two girls come up to me in their swimsuits and ask if I've made a decision yet. I ask for a minute before being tackled by another girl I know into the water. I finally break free and resurface. The two girls are waiting patiently and I wait out as long as possible. But right there and then I
    become lucid! Well time to get out of here! As I begin to leave my friend Matt stops me.
    "Aren't you going to tell them who you like better?" he asks. I now respond with a witty reply.
    "I'll just tell them in real life," I say, walking off. My friend looks absolutely dumbstruck now, with no way of comprehending that. I now make my way towards the exit door and remember I have to do the TOTM!!! I try to remember them, but can only remember one of them. I go over to some DCs and see my friend Jonathan.
    "What's up man?" he says.
    "Hey, what's the meaning of life?" I ask. He now responds but I don't hear his reply too well.
    "What?" I ask.
    "Poo." he says, giggling. I now walk away, dumbstruck as Matt was and head to the exit door. I now remember my other task, which is a personal one--rob a bank using only a banana. The exit door has a fully dressed man standing in the water waiting. As I walk up to the door he speaks.
    "This is a bank," he says, gesturing to the door. I acknowledge him and walk inside. I now pull a ripe yellow banana from my pocket and lift it up.
    "THIS IS A HOLDUP! EVERYONE ON THE GROUND!" I shout. No one moves however. I see a security guard pull out a real gun now and I point the fruit at him menacingly.
    "Drop the gun or I'll blow your fucking brains out!!!" I snap. The officer now outs his weapon down and everyone drops to the floor. A man answers the phone, and I make him hang up, threatening him with my banana. I now walk around and explain.
    "Now, I know this make look like an ordinary banana," I begin. "But this, is in fact, a very lethal weapon!!!"
    And then I awake. I am upset I didn't finish the robbery, but at least it was working. And I completed the TOTM. Then I wallow in silence when I realize the whole choosing a girl thing was a figment of my imagination. Damn you brain!!!

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    1. Stalthdan's Avatar
      This is one of the most hilarious dreams I've read on this site. Congrats on the ToTM!
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