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    Two of the Most Absurd Dreams I've Ever Had

    by , 06-24-2014 at 04:55 AM (272 Views)
    Hey DV! It's been an extensive amount of time since I've logged any dreams, and I feel that writing down my experiences will probably help me with obtaining lucidity. So, I guess I'll write about two extremely absurd dreams I had late last week. The first one happened Thursday night and the other one which I can recall more of happened Friday night. Let me just run this by again you: They are fucking absurd. I guess that's normal for dreams to be absurd, but these two were very notably absurd. Anyway...

    Dream One--From Thursday

    I dream my church is going on a retreat. Now most times when you think of a church on a retreat, one would assume they'd go to maybe a campsite, some city, a cabin, just someplace suitable. Nope, not this time. My church arrives at the "site" and enter the building. It's a nice-sized place with wonderful wooded floors and quite expensive furniture. Maybe not the best place to let reckless teenagers stay. However, that is far from what is unsuitable about this place. Now the catch is we're sharing this place with another group, but they're not exactly a church of any sort. They're in the...filming business. Now to access the lake out back we have to walk through the other group's part of the building. Me and a couple friends walk in through the room to get to the lake...and what we see is more than we bargained for. There's some nice sliding glass doors, beautiful expensive furniture, and a cool mahogany floor. Oh, and there's people filming pornography. So we walked in during a shoot it would appear, there're a bunch of men and women in the nude, and there're actions being performed which I'm pretty sure I can't describe on Dream Views. So now that this day has gotten increasingly awkward and weird, we walk through the set and go outside to the lake. I jump into the lake, as well as my friend Frankie. However, the lake isn't what we had been expecting. The lake is full of blood, and it's very clumpy blood too. Frankie and I quickly get out of the water and stop our friends Jason and Connor from entering, warning them of the dangers. (I'm really glad this was a dream cause I'd probably have more STDs than the people filming porn inside the building). I look at my body, now blood-stained all over. That's all I remember from that dream. Not weird enough yet? It gets better, trust me.

    Dream Two--From Friday

    I dream me and my friends are literally entrenched in a battle. Gunfire is flying over our heads and there's a WWI style battle going on. I am currently delivering food rations to my friends in a white laundry basket. After I hand out food to my friend Jordan I'm completely out of food. She gets up and starts yelling at me, pissed that there's no more food for the people after herself. I missed a lot of details after that, but the dream resumes to me being at home. I receive an invitation to go Indiana to see a movie premiere of a movie based on the events I was just involved in. Now I'm not at home home right now, I'm just in town. So I write a note on my hand, as there is a permission slip I need to get signed, still being a minor and all. So I write a note on my hand, hoping I won't forget to get it signed. The movie premieres tomorrow, so I'd better not forget to get my Dad's signature(talk about short-ass notice). Fearing the worst, I now turn to a random man who can teleport me through time to consult my problems. He now teleports me to when I'm at my house, which in the dream is the house I moved out of four years ago. I'm in my old bedroom, which is arranged differently, but the architecture of the house isn't changed from real life. I look at my hand and see that the note has been washed off or faded away. I guess I must've washed my hands when I got home or something. Lucky for me, I can still remember my mission. So I go into the living room, which looks how it did, and my Dad is sitting down watching TV on the couch. I hand him the permission slip, which he signs. We then get into a fight over something, which I can't quite recall too well. However, I can remember that what we were fighting over was extremely dumb. I leave and go into my room and I'm instantly transported back in time. The dream skips to the next day, and my friends and I have all made it to Indiana. Either before or after the movie(I'd assume before) we all go to an amusement park. This park is different from most. Not only does it have rides, but board games and other stuff as well. Me and a couple friends are invited to play a game with the owner of the park. He's a man in his forties or fifties, and he's dressed up quite nicely. Everyone seems to adore the owner, seeming to be a cool dude. We go into a private room, which is quite darkened, and we play a board game together. This game is...different...which I think is a slight understatement. The point of this game, is very odd. It's a sexual game(already odd enough). The way it works, is everyone goes around and has a turn to pick a card from a deck. On the card a sexual act is written on the card, which is either performed on the card holder or other people. Then everyone picks up a cardboard chip from a bucket, and if anyone holds the same chip with the same writing as the card holder, they must oblige the act written on the card. The park owner goes first, pulling a card. I don't remember what act he got, but when we all pulled, no one got the same chip. Then it was my turn. I pulled a card, I don't recall what it said verbatim, but my act was I had to do one "insertion" on whoever got the same chip as myself. We all picked a chip, and two girls got the same chip as me. One of them I know in real life, the other was a stranger. Either way, this game is absolutely fucking strange and awkward. I hope this never becomes a real life game. So, I now commence the action on my card, giving a one-hump-trump to each girl, making everything awkward as can be. Why everyone in the room was okay with this, I've got no clue. Man, fuck my weird subconscious. The owner now questions me about something(I forget what). He then quickly becomes angry and starts to beat the hell out of me. Before I know it, I'm on the floor bleeding. He's about to continue, but I escape before he can. Why no one helped me...I've got no idea. My friends and I regroup and go to lunch or dinner(don't know which it was) at some sort of chicken restaurant. My friends Jason and Bethy are discussing how awesome the park owner is, but I immediately tell them how much I want to kill him. They're both confused as I express my emotions, and they're obviously ignorant to who he actually is. I tell them whatever weapon I can get, a knife or a gun, I'm gonna go back and kill him. As things start to escalate, I awake. And I was actually kind of disappointed because I wanted to see what would've happened next. Maybe I'll get my revenge in a lucid dream!

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