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    Visiting Another Planet

    by , 07-23-2014 at 06:26 PM (699 Views)
    Blue: Non-Lucid
    Bold: Lucid
    Black: Awake

    This is a dream where I did the advanced task of the month by going to another planet. This dream was extremely vivid though so I can't recall very many of the small details. It's all a blur to me, but I still remember the main details.

    I am standing in the middle of a city, but I don't recall what I was doing exactly. As I'm standing there I realize that I'm dreaming. I immediately think about how I should partake in doing one of the tasks of the month, and I decide to retry the planet task. I see a friend is with me, so I ask him to join me. We both jump up into the air and start to fly. I stop for a moment and I send extra below myself to accelerate my speed further, and I begin to rocket into the sky. It only takes about thirty seconds and then we're in outer space. Me and the stranger(I guess he was my friend in the dream but I don't know him IRL) begin to fly across space very quickly and spot some planets. I turn around and see the Earth, and it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a dream. I turn back and fly off towards the planets. There is one that looks similar to Earth, with large continents and huge bodies of water. My friend suggests we visit this planet, but I don't agree and fly to another planet not far behind it. The planet is an interesting blue color with a blue aura surrounding it.

    I begin to descend down to the planet, and my friend follows behind me. We land on the surface and take a look around. There are many odd plants and trees on the ground that don't exist on Earth, and a few critters. I look ahead and spot a oddly-designed house and two very small blue people(they looked nothing like Smurfs trust me). They are wearing strange yellow jackets and hats, and tan cargo pants. They are definitely intelligent life forms. Suddenly, they both come rushing at my friend and I. One jumps up and bites my left arm, and I knock it off of myself. My friend and I say we are friendly, and they suddenly become calm. They have us follow them into their house, and we look around. It seems like any normal Earth home on the inside. I quickly become bored of the place and I decide to go travel around. As I'm about to walk out I see two human-looking women in the house, and it turns out they are the women of the planet. Let me tell you, the women of this planet looked pretty attractive. They now lead my friend and I to a closed door, and we both walk in. There are around ten people inside who all looked scared and very malnourished. Just as I'm turning around to do something about it the door slams shut, and I hear it clink. I pull on the handle desperately, but it doesn't budge. I turn back and look around the room, and I realize these people are all humans from Earth. It's my mission to save them now, because I'm a good guy. Maybe they are just figments of my imagination created by the faces of strangers I've seen, but I won't let anyone think they're powerful enough to overcome me in my own dream. I step up to the door and clench my fist. (The following conversation is a rough memory so the dialogue isn't verbatim).
    "Do you really think you can break that door down?" one of the prisoners asks.
    "Yeah, I've got the power to do that." I reply. I then punch the door full force, but nothing happens.
    "That worked really well." the prisoner said.
    "Hey sorry! My powers take a lot of faith to work. I wasn't ready!" I snap back. "Now everyone move out of the way, I've got a better idea!"
    All the prisoners move clear of my path, and I cup my hands. I decide to pull of something I haven't done in awhile: a good old Kamehameha. Just as I cup my hands the door swings open with the homeowners at the door. Everyone suddenly rushes through the door and tramples the little blue man under their feet as they flood out. I run out and see the other blue guy coming to attack, and I summon and handgun behind my back and pull it out. I shoot the blue man, and blue blood spurts out of his chest. Looks like some justice has been served here today. I decide to leave and go do something else now, but as I'm doing so I

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