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    Visiting My Old House

    by , 03-10-2014 at 12:34 AM (204 Views)
    This dream is little more dark than the last two, but I figured I'd entry it anyways.

    I dream I am exploring the backyard of my old house(which I did IRL that night, the house is condemned and locked off). I have my bull mastiff dog Dracula with me and we are walking around the yard just to see the state of everything. We go up to the back door and look inside of the house. Despite the fact that it is filled with mold, I enter the house and walk through the kitchen. Looking around, everything is how I suspect it would be, water damaged and torn apart. It's a pretty upsetting scene. As my dog is walking around I make my way down the hallway to my old bedroom. I walk in and the dream actually has depicted the bedroom to look very similar to what it looks like in real life. There are a few hiccups on accuracy, but that's how dreams work. I'm just surprised how accurate the house looks all together. But anyway, I continue searching around the room looking at all of my old things I left behind. Two AH-6J Little Bird helicopter toys(I never owned in real life), and my older brother's airsoft gun collection(much larger than it was IRL). I pick one of the guns up, a replica of an AK-47. My brother also has some tactical vests the military uses too, which I take. I unload the AK and look in the magazine, which is actually filled with nerf gun bullets. I turn now and see my older brother standing in the doorway. He tells me to out the gun down and leave. I do as he says and I follow him to the front door where my Dad is waiting. I now follow them outside to the front porch and then I

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    non-lucid , memorable