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    War in Hawaii

    by , 07-19-2013 at 05:28 AM (393 Views)
    Not Lucid

    I find myself in Hawaii for some unknown reason. I'm walking down the sidewalk on a beautiful evening. Suddenly, I start to become really tired for some reason and begin drifting in and out of "sleep" as I walk along. Some people take notice and walk with me and keep me awake. We stop by a ledge and see another one of the islands of Hawaii. There is a battle taking place. I can see explosions and whatnot on the island. Someone explains to me that the Hawaiians and some sort of rebel force are having a war in the state. We now see two rebel tanks coming down the road and we jump for cover. The two tanks pass, and we move along.

    Some fragments of the dream in between scenes are forgotten, but I now find myself in the passenger seat of a van on the highway. We're still in Hawaii and the red evening sky is still present as well. As we get on the highway I see the speed limit sign reads 75 MPH. That is faster than normal where I live(usually 65, then 70 on the turnpike). We speed up to pace and move towards a tunnel. We see cars driving crazily on the road, as if they're trying to get away from something. We now swerve out of the way of three SUVs moving the wrong way. Shortly we enter the tunnel which has no lighting in it. The driver turns on his lights and we come to a three way intersection, seeing it last second. The driver spins the steering wheel but can't make the turn, smashing us into the wall. We get out, lucky to be even unharmed. Then a group of armed cars stop just down the tunnel. Armed soldiers come out and begin to open fire, but that is all I remember before awakening.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment


    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Wow... maybe you were watching one of the battles between Assassins and Templars that constantly show up in my dreams!