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    War Part 2

    by , 01-11-2012 at 12:31 AM (424 Views)
    1/10/12(Late Morning)*

    ** Don't move! Don't open your eyes! I actually remembered! Woohoo! I keep my eyes closed and don't move. I now think about the dream I just left. I now quickly fade back into my dream.*

    ** I now find myself back in the same dream, in the same spot. I'm back with the convoy. We're still securing the city. It takes me a minute, but I finally remember. Oh yeah, this is a dream! Woohoo! My first normal DEILD!*
    ** So I'm now lucid! Kick-ass! So I actually remember to do my task to jump off the Twin Towers this time. However, I now have a false awakening!
    ** I now "awake" in a building in the city I was just in. I get up, and I start walking around. Everyone is in casual wear now instead of our battle gear. I also noticed some of my family members were here too. I eventually went to sit down by a window. I had a nice view of the city outside. A nice set of buildings. A good second floor view.*
    ** I now notice something bizarre. There was some stuff all over the streets and grass. Literally mass puddles of it. A shiny liquid. A shiny liquid of a pure red color. It was blood.*
    ** "What the hell is that?!" I exclaim. The commander comes over and looks outside. He becomes worried, and gets us ready. I go outside now to keep watch. However the dream soon fades and I awake. This time I fail to DEILD. **

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